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Friday, December 14, 2007

The food I miss

When I was in Elementary school I already learn how to cook but only those simple ones. Now that I am here in US and miss the food in the Philippines, I have no other choice but to cook the food I crave. Though my friends like to have a get together which is one way also of sharing our home cooked Filipino foods but sometimes we have a schedule conflict so I decided to just learn how to cook the one that I like to eat. First try is not always good and there are times that the taste is good on my first try which makes me happy especially if hubby likes it too. Here are the photos of them.

This is the fried rice which I thought is so complicated but I made it and it’s not really that complicated at all. Woohoo! Hubby likes this one too. This was our dinner tonight.

Barbeque? Yeah! I know what you’re thinking and yes, this one tastes like the one I had when I was in the Philippines. Are you asking me if I cook this in the grill? No, I cooked this inside the house in our teenee weenee convection oven. Isn’t it cool? haha

This is corn and meat soup. I’m not sure if you are familiar with this coz I haven’t seen this in the restaurants. My Aunt is the only one who cooked this one. It’s pretty good; in fact hubby likes to eat this one too.

It’s the beef steak in the Philippines cooked in a different way.

We call this “arroz caldo”. It’s actually the chicken and rice soup. This is good for winter time since there’s ginger in the ingredient which makes you feel a little bit warm after eating this.

We call this in the Philippines “minatamis”. A ripe banana cooked with syrup. This reminds me of my College days…

I used to make this in the Philippines when there's a special occassion and we call this "buko salad". Buko = young coconut


JAZEVOX said...

ang sarap naman nang mga pagkain, miss those foods already

Michelle said...

yeah, i understand the feeling kaya nga natuto akong magluto nyan kasi na miss ko rin. try mo kayang magluto, para matikman mo uli. haha

♥ ChaLyza ♥ said...

haruy! lamia ba na oi..pastilan makalaway jud ai. ang ripe banana og bbq hong gusto ddai.

Michelle said...

inana sad akong feeling kung kita kog pix sa mga pinoy recipes, nindot jud ilupad sa pinas. haha sayon ra baya na himuon.

JAZEVOX said...

maao jud na tanan ako regular foods didto sa pinas

Michelle said...

haha paghimo ani, sayon ra baya.