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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Friend/Sister Friendly Award

My friend Pinaymama tagged me this. Thanks Joy for tagging me this and for counting me as your friend and sister. I really appreciate that. I'm glad to be one of your circles of friends.

I want to tag this to my friend Belle, Butchay, Gladys, Lutchi, Ivy, Norm, and Nova.


Mabelle said...

ka cute pud aning puppy oi.preha lagi ni nakog face,hehehe!thansk mich, i will make this tag today.mwah!

Michelle said...

you're welcome mabelle. mas cute paka sa puppy oi. hehe

Gladys Erhardt said...

uyyy..sali ako *smiles*..salamat sis.

Michelle said...

hehe sige apil ka. :)