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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Party!

A group of Filipinos here gather together for the Christmas party. I went there with hubby and since it’s a potluck dinner, I brought something to share with others which are the pork barbeque. I’m not sure if it’s as good as the second time I try cooking it but hubby and I were surprise that my BBQ were not in the table and we can’t find also the glass container where I put the BBQ. Hubby went looking for it then I found the container on the floor empty. I was like “Opps!” hahaha Anyways, we had fun watching the games, people dancing, and waiting for the raffle draw. We are not always lucky for that raffle draws so we went home without any prizes but its okay, it’s nice to see them again and the food prepared today were great. I am so full that I can’t even join the dance coz I’m afraid I’ll get a stomach ache afterwards. Hahaha Hubby joined the exchange of gifts with some guys. One of the foods that I miss was there; we call it “Landang” in the Philippines. It was rich but I love it. Good thing I went there. Haha

Here are some of the photos of tonight’s event.

The group... singing the christmas carols using both Filipino and English christmas songs.

Hubby with the guys during their exchange gift.

Line dance for everybody but not me. haha

Santa came and gave gifts to the kids that parents prepare for them.

And that's me in the corner enjoying being one of the audiences.


♥ ChaLyza ♥ said...

wow human na sad diay inyo party chelle..nice pics thnks for sharing

Michelle said...

human na. thanks for the compliment and you're welcome cha.