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Monday, January 7, 2008

Another Busy Day

Today Monday is another busy day for me. I went to work an hour early today coz a fellow Pinay (co-worker of mine) asked me a favor to work early for her schedule coz she has an appointment for her physical check up early in the morning. Then after work I went home but my mind is wondering of what to do first. Blog, shop or what? I then decided to go to the Mall just trying to window shop for the Semi – Annual Sale of Victoria’s Secret and the on going Sale also of Bath and Body Works. I’m hoping that they have new stocks or displays that they sell for 75% off. Haha That’s a good deal right? Got some from Bath and Body Works and on my way home, I dropped by at the Grocery store to buy milk for me. Sounds like a baby? Haha Yeah, I talked to my Aunt who’s also living here in US and she told me to drink milk once a day so I will be like her. She’s 67 and still very active. She said that we have to take care of our bones so I have to start drinking milk though I don’t like the taste of it. Anyway, I bought some ham and liverwurst from boars head brand for my lunch tomorrow. I now bring my own lunch because eating in the fast food is not good for me though it’s cheaper. I like the combination of ham and liverwurst in my white whole grain bread. When I arrived home, I then start to cook for dinner. Then watch Ysabella on the net while blogging. Haha


JAZEVOX said...

i really dont like the milks in gallons that are available here, i used to drink Nido and Carnation powdered milks in PI

Michelle said...

Yeah, but I think if we try it again and again then we'll get use to the taste already. Just like the liverwurst and steak here that I don’t like at first, even the smell, but now I miss them sometimes. :)