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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Weather of the Day

I’m so happy that the weather here is going back to the 60’s F. Woohoo! Actually, yesterday went up to 70’s so I went outside yesterday, I wore a plain shirt, no jacket or sweater. But I wonder why other people were still wearing sweaters, maybe they don’t know of what will be the temperature every hour. I normally checked the weather thru my cell phone before I go out so I won’t be freezing outside if the weather is below freezing point. Ngyah! That hurts my nose, hands, head and makes my skin dry and after a while it will bleed. This afternoon I watch the news on TV that there are places nearby that are on “Tornado Watch”. Then tonight I saw the lightning thru the window and heard the thunder, I also heard the rain blown by the wind. I wish tomorrow is another sunny day and in the 60’s.

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