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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Beef Stew or Nilagang Baka

I like to eat this one when I was in the Philippines so last Thursday I bought the meat and the bone marrow and today I bought the veggies to go with it. Sorry for posting foods lately, I just crave the Filipino foods this week. Hehe


Scotty's Princess said...

Kalami pud ani day oi! Naglaway ko ba....

Michelle said...

trapuhi ang laway kay lisod na. haha dali mangaon ta, labon naa pa ko sobra. hehe

Ivy Sterling said...

grrr kalami ani, gi gutom man nuon ko..timing kay wla pa ko breakfast

Michelle said...

haha maoy gidangat, maka luto jud ka ug ahat ani. hehe