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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Praying the Rosary for the Dead

I got an invitation from a Pinay friend here to attend the 40 days “deathsary”, not sure if that’s the right word but we have a different term for that in the Philippines. That’s when one family member died and after 40 days or on the 40th day from the death of the individual, the family members will gather together with the friends and relatives to say a prayer for the dead person. After the prayer or novena is the dinner. We were an hour early because my friend said that it starts at 5:00 but it actually starts at 6:30 PM. So we were wondering if it’s finish already coz there’s no cars outside. We waited for more than an hour before the prayer started. To my surprise one of the members asked me if I am a Catholic and when I said yes, she handed me a prayer booklet for the rosary and said “You’re the second mystery”. I was like “Huh?” But anyways, I accepted the prayer booklet to lead for the second mystery. We have another booklet for the songs and guides for the prayer of the dead. Then hubby asked what’s going on, why they handed me another small booklet and a rosary then I said that I will lead the second mystery. Hubby told me to say the prayer slowly coz it’s not a race after all. Hubby was offended when other individuals who joined the prayer prayed the rosary so fast. He said that they say the prayer 3 times faster than me and didn’t say the word right which makes the prayer meaningless. I agree with him coz I myself observed how fast they pray the rosary. I don’t know why but that’s what people in the Philippines do also.

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