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Thursday, January 3, 2008

My God-daughter and her aqua doodle toy

Last Christmas I sent a package to my God-Daughter Hannah in Virginia as a Christmas present. Her mother (which is my cousin) told me that she enjoyed playing the toy that I gave her. It’s called AQUADOODLE. What gave me the idea about this were the two sons of my friends who enjoyed playing it during our Christmas Party. So when I found it in the store, I bought it for Hannah and the good thing is, it’s ELMO. I know she likes ELMO coz her mother sent me photos of her with Elmo. I am not really familiar of how the kids play it but I have an idea that it needs water. My cousin sent me pictures of Hannah playing with it. She said that Hannah’s been playing with it when she woke up and before going to bed. Haha She will only take a break when she gets tired and go back again with a bottle of water beside her. Haha Here are the photos of how she play with the Aqua doodle. Now I understand how the kids play with it.

She now enjoyed opening the gift and she was happy to see the green bow on her gift. That's the bow she's holding.

A few minutes later, she started drawing using the aqua doodle pen.

Then she found a better way of playing with it, using her own fingers. So cute! haha

That's how she do it. My cousin said that the result is more wonderful than using the aqua doodle pen.

It's almost finish. Just need a little more water on the sides that's why she's only using one finger to finish it. Oh my, what a smart kid! Don't you think?

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