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Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday is Fish Day!

I saw Paula’s Home Cooking episode today in the food network while I was on break. She had fish in one of her recipes and so I decided to try it. She’s using the red snapper but when I went to the grocery store to buy it, it’s not available. So instead of buying the red snapper, I bought the salmon coz it looks fresh and I want to give it a try again coz salmon for me has a strong taste when I tried it at the Restaurants. I then search Paula’s recipe but I didn’t find it right away and my fish is ready to go in the oven already. I went to another website and look for salmon recipe and found one that is very easy to follow plus I have all the ingredients. So I combined Paula’s recipe and the one I saw on the other website. The picture below was the result of my baked salmon fillet. It was yummy!


rickavieves said...

look yummylicious .-)

Michelle said...

that is so true! it's really yummy. :)

jazevox said...

looks yummy, i love fish too. i dont get to eat fish very often nowaydas bcoz my hubby dont share the same enthusiam about fish meals :-) and i dont like cooking two separate meals most times

Michelle said...

my hubby also doesn't like the kind of fish that I eat (with bones, head and tail). I just give him the meat and see if he likes it and I also have a fillet fish for him in case he doesn't like my fish. :)