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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Love and Hate Tag

A tag from Francine, a new blogger friend of mine. Thank you so much Francine for sharing this to me. :)

1. I love to eat: Chewy chocolate cookie in Publix this afternoon but was hungry so I just went home and grab some chocolates left from Christmas. :)
2. I hate to eat: left-overs but I can't escape that coz I only eat a little so I always end up having left-overs.
3. I love to go: shopping and to the spa and have a whole body massage! (same here francine) hehe
4. I hate to go: out when it's cold outside. Brrrrrrr
5. I love it when: hubby is petting on my head and call me "Kitty-kitty". :)
6. I hate it when: the table is a mess and ironing clothes
7. I love to see: my best friends again who are living far far away from me
8. I hate to see: people frowning or mad
9. I love to hear: hubby's laugh
10. I hate to hear: people saying bad words and complaining

Again, I wanna tagged those who are on my list/link. So guys, feel free to grab this tag. Have fun answering! :)

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