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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Tough Decision for Me

Hubby and I had a meeting with my Dentist regarding my dental problems. In the past few weeks we asked questions about implant and bridge before we decide. It would be fine with me if it doesn’t cost much but it does so we have to weigh first of which one is best for me. My Dentist gave us the advantages and disadvantages of the two last week but today I have to decide of which one I choose so he can do the next step. Waiting might make the problem worst so hubby and I sat down with him and asked more questions today. The implant is more expensive than the bridge but implant won’t decay as what he said. The only disadvantage for the implant is if my body rejects it then he can’t do anything about it. But if my body accepts the implant then that’s the best choice. He told us today that one patient of him came today after wearing 20 years of the implant tooth because the body rejects it. It was a tough decision for me coz I am the one who’s going to deal with it for the rest of my life. But if something goes wrong with the implant then I have a choice to go with the bridge but I was thinking also about the expense. (Sigh) Hubby and I had a little talked about this last week and we were thinking to try the implant first hoping that my body will accept it. Hubby is worried about the bridge thing because he heard stories about his co-worker and his mom that they come off or have problems with it every now and then. So when the Dentist asked me of what’s my decision, I said I want to try the implant first. But hubby was kind of concern if there’s anything that needs to be done right away that might become another problem in the future. Good thing there’s a vacant slot after our meeting so I had another session with the assistant and the Dentist to see if there’s more that needs to be done first before the implant. I had the X-Ray, cleaning and checked on my teeth that I saw in the monitor of how my teeth looked inside and out. I now understand it better. So before doing the implant, they have to do some fillings first. I accomplished 2 things today in just one visit. I suppose to have an appointment next week but I said not next week. I suggest that maybe the week after next week. It’s just too much for me; I need to rest a whole day for my day off. There’s more that needs to be done with my teeth after the fillings and implant. But I am thankful to God that I don’t need to go to the Orthodontics for my braces as what my previous Dentist suggests. It was a relief for me when the Dentist told us that there’s not much to straight on my teeth coz it doesn’t look so bad at all. I just hope and wish that this will be over soon and that my body will not reject the implant. Just keep our fingers cross and hope for the best.


Lerlyn said...

ay kuyaw man na imo xperience chelle oi,sakit man sa lawas,basta teeth ang affected. hala oi unta i-accept nlang sa imo body ang implant pra wa naka problema. High maintenance kaayo ka ba hehehe!!!tc

Michelle said...

nah gusto gani nako kanang sayon ra nya barato kaysa mahal nga lisod pa jud. sugot ra jud ko ug ibton ra nya mag denture ra ko kay mo convert raba dretso akong utok sa currency diha, pero akong bana di man gusto kay importante man daw ang health nya kung matiguwang daw ko nga pangag kay lain daw tan-awn. mao man gud daw iya nabantayan sa mga tigulang diha nga kuwang daw ug ngipon, importante baya daw ang ngipon kay gamit ug mokaon. sakto sad baya siya mao nga utong na lang mi ani. hehe