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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Co-Worker Asked Me a Favor Today

The sun was so bright this morning that it looks kinda hot outside but it’s not. I don’t want to build a habit of going to work late so I tried to go out a few minutes early when I saw my car outside that had some ice wrapped on it so I still have time to warm it up and will arrived work on time.

A co-worker who’s 58 yrs old arrived after me. I supposed to say hi to her when she looked at my direction but it seems that she didn’t see me or didn’t even smile when she saw me which she normally do. I didn’t feel bad about it coz I thought that she’s just thinking on other things or looking on something seriously that she didn’t notice that I was there. After a while when I was busy working, she came to me and asked a favor. I didn’t understand everything that she said coz I was concentrating of what I was doing hoping that I won’t make any mistakes. I was half listening to what she said, glance at her and at the same time doing my job. When I seriously looked at her, I saw that she had a teary eyed so I seriously listen to what she said but still doing my job. She asked me if I can stay longer for her coz she got a phone call yesterday from a Lawyer and that Lawyer wants to meet her in a time that she should still be at work. I was confused of how long she wants me to stay so I asked what time she gets off. She said at 4 PM so I said “Okay, I can do that” knowing that it’s just an hour long.

Staying an hour longer was not a big deal for me coz after work, I normally just go home and watch Rachael Ray and Oprah though there are times where I schedule my time after work to buy some groceries but I did that already last night. She hugged me and thank me for saving her hour. I felt so good inside that I was able to help somebody that really needs the help. A simple Thank You is enough for me. She then told me that she owe me something and she asked me of what cake I like (coz she’s good at that) and offer me money but I refuse to all of her offers. I told her that I’m okay and that she doesn’t need to bake or give something for me or anything. Then she said that if I have an emergency where I can’t go to work or stay longer then she’ll be there to save me which I agree right away. (Smile)

The hour that I stayed at work for her is worth staying coz her husband left her on New Year’s Day of this year, when she went home from work without any warning or parting words and even argument whatsoever that will lead him to leave her. I know that she tried to hide her problems through her smile and jokes but when she’s with me and my Filipina friend at work, she becomes emotional. We also tried to cheer her up when she got a teary eyed already so we won’t end up crying together. She had no idea why she got a call from a Lawyer and why the Lawyer wants to meet her coz she said that she didn’t ask help to have a Lawyer. What she wants to know is if the Police found her husband somewhere.

Well, I just hope everything will be fine with her.


Jenny is Live & In Color said...

It always feels good to help someone in need. She must really trust you to be able to ask you for the favor.

Michelle said...

I think so. She's fine today and still fighting for her missing husband.