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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Angels Explained by Children

I only know the names of two angels. Hark and Harold. -- Gregory, 5

Everybody's got it all wrong. Angels don't wear halos anymore. I forget why but scientists are working on it. -- Olive, 9

It's not easy to become an angel! First, you die. Then you go to heaven, then there's still the flight training to go through. And then you got to agree to wear those angel clothes. -- Matthew, 9

Angels work for God and watch over kids when God has to go do something else. -- Mitchell, 7

My guardian angel helps me with math, but he's not much good for science. -- Henry, 8

Angels don't eat, but they drink milk from Holy Cows. Jack, 6


Mama Zen said...

Milk from Holy Cows! That's hysterical!

cathara said...

all angels ive seen, whether theyre figurines or portraits are associated with curly hair. im curly haired, im an angel!- catea twenteen three :-P

Michelle said...

That's how children think about the angels. I had a good laugh at this but that's what they believe I guess. :)