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Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Dental Problem that ends up in a Surgery in the Year 2006

I never thought I would have dental problems when I arrived here. I had no problems with my teeth or gums when I was in the Philippines but I had one tooth that one Dentist in the Philippines want to pull it. Hubby told me to wait and let the Dentist here save my tooth. Accidentally I had an infection with my right wisdom tooth for eating the hard croutons in one of the restaurant here. I didn’t tell hubby right away that it hurts coz I know that going to the Doctor will cost a lot of money compare to the Philippines. But time came that I can’t bear it anymore so I told hubby about the pain of my right wisdom tooth. He then called his Dentist and set an appointment in the afternoon coz for him it’s emergency. Hehe I was like “Huh?” I just wanted him to know about the pain so I can take a pain reliever to help me ease the pain but not going to the Dentist. Toink! Anyway, too late coz he already set an appointment. The Dentist said that I had an infection because my wisdom tooth didn’t grow correctly. Half of it is already out in the open but the other half is still buried in my gums so there’s a tendency that when I ate hard foods and hit the part where the gums covered it, that will hurt. In my case, I bite the hard croutons so hard that made my gum swell. They took an X-Ray of my teeth as a whole and then individually and took a picture of it too. Whew! I got tired of biting the metal for taking the X-Ray of each tooth. To make the story short, the Dentist told us that I don’t need the wisdom tooth that gave me the problem coz it’s not touching into the upper wisdom tooth (I think) which means, it’s useless and not help me to chew the food I ate. She told us to go to the Surgeon to remove my wisdom tooth. My eyes become big and round and my brain was confused why a simple removal of a wisdom tooth needs a surgeon? Oh well, we just follow the instruction of what to do next so I won’t be in pain forever. Now let’s go to the Surgeon. He’s nice and calm but the thought of having a surgery scares me. He then said that I won’t feel a thing coz they'll give me a general anesthesia and once I wake up, it’s all done and ready to go home. I took his words for that coz that’s he’s job and he knows better than I do but the thought of general anesthesia surprised me. I never thought pulling one tooth needs a general anesthesia. I just thought that it will only apply to those who gave birth that will undergo a CS and those who have a really serious illness. One thing also that bothers me about the GA if I become forgetful as the side effect of that coz that what I heard from other women who had the Caesarian Section. Anyway, before the surgery, I was instructed to take a pill an hour before the surgery. Hubby was with me coz the Surgeon said that I need somebody to watch over me just in case something happens. When I arrived at the Surgeon’s office, I felt dizzy already and sleepy. When they call my name, somebody guide me into a room. When I sit on the chair, I felt weak and the room is moving. The assistant asked me if I am okay and I said I felt dizzy and then she said that I’ll be fine coz dizziness is just the result of the pill I took. After that, I didn’t know what happen. Suddenly I heard somebody talking, I heard hubby’s voice talking to somebody but I don’t know who. I thought it’s just a dream but it’s real. When I woke up, the Surgeon said that I can go home. Hubby was holding me while walking to the car coz I walk like a drunk. Haha I felt lightheaded and still weak. When we arrived home, hubby said that it’s the only Dental clinic he saw which is complete. He said that after the surgery, I was transferred to a room where there are lots of machines, wires connecting from the machine to my body monitoring my heart beat, pulse rate, blood pressure and etc. He said that it’s like I was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with those wires connected into my body and covered with a blanket except my head. Then after 30 minutes, I woke up. I was told not to eat solid foods yet for a couple of days so hubby is cooking soups from the can after we arrived home. I sleep in the couch and after a couple of hours I woke up and was looking for a milk shake in an ice cream store here. Hahaha Hubby then hurriedly went to buy my request and drop by at Target to get more soups in the can. The Surgeon said that for the most of the day I’ll be sleeping and weak and will be fine the next day. But after I had my milk shake, I was okay and start working some chores again. Hehehe

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