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Monday, January 14, 2008

My New Cooking Experiment's Result

I had a pork roast meat that I thawed for 2 days coz it's kinda thick but I don't want to keep on watching it while cooking so I decided to use the crock pot and set it to cook for 8 hours. I add herbs and veggies that come to mind and make it as the bed of my meat. I didn't add any water, the meat itself produce the juice and was tender. The result is the picture below.

Hubby liked it so I write down the ingredients before I forget.


Mabelle said...

oi kalami anang imong giluto oi.dihniz pwede poyo ko inyoha kay mosamot kog kababoy.kay lami kaayo kag unsaon na lang.hastang tokbi nako motambok pud.maabot siguro kog 500lbs ana :D hehehehe.

Michelle said...

ok ra mokaon bisan ka lima pa sa usa ka adlaw basta gamay lang nga portion kay kung dako gani, nah modako sad ka. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, your pork roast looks good!
Thanks for visiting my blog, come by antytime!
I enjoyed reading yours.

Michelle said...

Thanks Pinky! I'll surely visit your blog again. :)