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Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Throw it All in the Pot Pork Chop Recipe

I’m confused of what to eat for dinner and too lazy to go out coz its cold so what I did was to experiment again of my pork chop that I already thaw in the fridge. I remember Rachael Ray’s show when somebody asked her of where she get the new recipes for her show and she answered that she and her mom throw anything in the pot of whatever they can think of, especially if there are left over from any occasion like Christmas. So that was my goal, to throw anything in the pot and see of what’s the result. I sauté the roasted poblano and onions first then set it aside. I then fried the pork chops until the water and oil from the meat comes out. I sprinkle some salt and pepper, cumin, sweet Spanish paprika, nutmeg and soy sauce until the meat were tender. Lastly, I added the mushroom and pine apple chunks including the juice. It turned out so good but hubby said it’s too spicy for him. He liked it but he was sweating while eating it. Hahaha Well, I can eat spicy foods but not too spicy. Anyway, I like the result of my experiment and here’s the picture.


Scotty's Princess said...

Looks so yummy. I bet its so masarap talaga,hehe!

Michelle said...

yeah, it was yummy. i never thought it turned out that great for my first try.