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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to save on ink cartridges?

When hubby and I shopped for our new printer’s ink, I was looking at the price and thought that I shouldn’t print something from the internet unless if it’s very important that I really want to have a copy of it. But when I search recipes and want to try some of it, I can’t help but print those recipes. I was waiting of when the ink will soon be empty and at the same time hoping that it won’t run out which is very impossible. In the past, hubby didn’t use much of the printer because he was thinking of how expensive the ink was. And when it’s time for him to use the printer, the ink is dry already which means he needs a new one again and throw the old one into the garbage. He was trying to save but what happened was the opposite coz the ink end up in the garbage. Not a good way of saving. Now I’m using the printer occasionally so the ink won’t dry. Thank God, I found a website that has tips for saving ink and you can go online shopping for inkjet supplies also. They have cheap inkjet cartridges and laser toner that you can choose depending on what brand your printer is. Plus they have coupons so you can save for more. Isn’t that cool? Now I can print whenever I want and not worry if the ink will run out.

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