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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

World Wide Link Love

My friends Ness, Kurdapya, Francine, Meg and Monaco tagged me this. Thank you peepz for passing this to me. :)

~ start copying here ~

Join the Worldwide Link Love! Benefits of Worldwide Link Love!

1. Make new friends around the world.

2. Feel the Link Love.

3. Gain new readers and subscribers.


1. Copy from ~start copying here ~ to ~ end copying here ~ and paste it on your blog.

2. At the end of the list, put your name and the country your in, it doesn’t matter what’s your nationality just put the country where you are publishing your blog. Don’t forget to put links at your name.

3. If u have many blogs, you can link all of it, just make sure you post the same on each blog.

4. Tag eight (8) or more of your blog friends.

5. Tip for blogspot users: make sure you copy and paste the code in Compose mode.

Worldwide Link Love! Participants:

1. Julia (Philippines)

2. Catherine (Malaysia)

3. shimumsy(u.s.a)

4. Mitch (Philippines)

5. Hailey (Philippines)

6. Sexymom (USA)

7. Liza (Philippines)

8. Marilyn (USA)

9. Kate Ashley (USA)

10. Topform (USA)

11. Mylou (USA)

12. Kurdapyaz Journey (USA

13. Ness (USA)

14. Chez Francine

15. Le bric à brac de Cherie

16. La Place de Cherie

17. Ness (USA)

18. Lira (USA)

19. Jerla (USA)

20. Meg (USA)

21. Geng (Philippines)

22. SunnySideUp Foodie (Singapore)

23. Caramelcorn (Singapore)

24. Constance (Singapore)

25. Hainankia (Malaysia)

26. Read my Mind (Philippines)

27. Michelle's Small World (USA)

~ end copying here ~

I'm tagging Ellaine, Twerlyn, Bregie, Mica, Butchay, Jeanna, Juliana, and Princess. :)


Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Michelle,

You can have the disclosure policy as an ordinary blog post tapos i link mo lang sa post yung badge ng disclosure policy. But if you want it the easier way, pwede mo ilagay ang whole policy sa sidebar like some other blog.

I tried putting the link here ayaw. If you go with the badge let me know pag tapos ka na para ilagay ko na lang sa Cbox yung link...

Michelle said...

Ok, try ko kung ano ang tanggapin. Thanks a lot! :)

princesa said...

sis, mana ko ani nga tag. thanks for linking me :)

Rozella said...

There are just so many of these love link tags going around! Hehehe

Michelle said...

princess: ok lang sis, no probs. :)

rozella: yes, true. but i think the big bang has the most links. :)