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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Doughnut Joke

It was sort of a joke in the past when I was in the Philippines because of how we speak and pronounce English. There was one Filipina individual who wasn't able to go to school. They had a white guy visitor from the USA, so the Filipina individual tried her best to speak English to the American white guy. This lady had previously bought some doughtnuts in town and she offered some to the white guy while saying "Do not eat!" The American guy didn't understand what she meant because she was handing the doughnut to him while at the same time telling him not to eat it. But what the lady meant by "do not eat" is "doughnut eat." Anyways, this is my first time of eating doughnut here in US as what I remember. hehe I am not a doughnut eater but I eat doughnut while I was in the Philippines. I ate the pink one which I thought would be strawberry flavor but in fact was just sugar coated and shredded coconut. It was too sweet and rich for me so maybe I won't eat this again for a couple of months.


Lerlyn said...

ay kalami aning donota chelle oi!

about sa utan hehe! gi tudluan lagi ko sa katabang pero kalimot nasad ko hehe! maau kabalo naka..

Wow kabungga sa imong blog oi! pagkagwapa sa PR 4..Tinuod daghan opps na white sa PPP if PR4 Chelle? Curious kaau ko ba.

Michelle said...

Yeah, naningkamot lagi aron makakaon. hehe Nah dili man daghan oi pero naa lang offer nga pang PR4 sad. Naa gani days nga wala. Basin ang PR10 daghan white. hehe