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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taste good but smells bad

We Filipinos love to eat the dried fish and dried squid though it has a stinky smell on it. I am one of them and my dinner for tonight were the dried fish and fried fish. The dried fish are already cooked so all I need to do is heat them in the microwave. When it's time for dinner, I asked hubby if he smell something and he suddenly said "It smells like the dumpster!" hahaha I had a good laugh when he said that. Yeah, it smells like the dumpster but it taste good! Yummy! I enjoyed my dumpster smelly fish tonight and will eat it again when I crave for it next time. haha Here's the picture of my stinky fish. -_^


Ilocana said...

Hmmm...looks familiar. Take-home goodys from Jane??? I still have one fish remaining in the fridge,he,he,he.
Yap, stinky but goody! That's why I rarely cook dried fish. And even if I do, I have to cook them outside and make sure my husband is not home or else I will hear the same comment like with your hubby.

Michelle said...

haha Yeah, from Jane. I don't mind if hubby tease me about the smell. He knows that I love it even if it stinks so he don't mind if I cook dried fish when he's around as long as I won't force him to eat it. haha