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Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy!

Today is my dear friend Amy's birthday. We celebrated her birthday yesterday at one of our friend's house but there will be another ladies night out this Friday in celebration for her birthday... again. haha Wow, what an event! :) Anyways, she's a SAHM so I introduced her the blogging thing. At first she hesitated but then after months of thinking and reading my blog (-_^ wink), she decided to try it. Congrats girl!

By the way, I want to greet you here with a .........

Happy Birthday

Hearty cake!


And balloons!!!


Ilocana said...

Wow! And another WOW! Pati ba naman dito bistadong another year older na naman ako, ha,ha. I guess this is one of my best birthday ever! Salamat kaayo sa akong mga SUPER FRIENDS na "BISAYA" :-)
(tama ba bisaya ko?)

Michelle said...

Yeah, you said it right. Bah, bisaya na jud ka. haha