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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Want some cake?

Here's what happen last Sunday's event at my friend's house. Hubby and I were invited to have lunch at my friend's house together with other Pinays last Sunday so I decided to bring something that I like. haha We ordered an ice cream cake to share with everybody. Here's what we got.

The ice cream cake at the back seat. :)

My friend's birthday cake. Her son and daughter were the one blowing the candle. ^_^

Kids really like to eat cakes. Isn't she cute?

How about you? Want some cake too? ^_^


Ilocana said...

Oha, sikat akon baby!! Buti na lang di mo feature my face diha or else ma-scare imong other visitors, ha,ha. (feeling bisaya oh)mali-mali naman, :-)

Em said...

looks good make me hungry lol...

Michelle said...

ilocana: bah, ok na ang bisaya mo amy ah! medyo may kunting halong waray pero ayos na. :)

em: haha yeah, it looks good and taste good too. :)