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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lucky Me! Opps!

I didn't mean the Lucky Me pancit canton that we love to eat. hehe What I mean is the opps that I got lately. This afternoon after I arrived home from work, I turned on my laptop and excited to see if I have some opps. I had 1 offer but I didn't grab it because the advertiser asked for a bigger number of words and the amount is not enough. Now I start being picky. hehe Anyways, I waited for a good offer which I grabbed right away when I saw that I only have to make 100 words. Then I grabbed another offer that needs a minimum words of 200 which I end up making more than 300 words. haha Not bad coz I enjoyed making it. Then Last night I was able to grab 3 opps. It was my luckiest day yesterday! I am so lucky to get 3 offers with a good amount and less words needed. Woohoo! Now I'm loving it! la la la la Come and sing with me a happy tune! haha



desperateblogger said...

lol i know how you feel. i received 5 opps in one day from one company. when i was submitting my 4th and 5th posts the site won't accept lang daw to 3 opps per day. mga buang! they sent me 5 opps then they'll cancel the other 2.

Michelle said...

Opps! Sayang naman yong na cancel. Yeah, it made me happy if I have offers that are not so complicated to do, a good payout and less words required. But I think are techniques in grabbing the opps. I'm still new to this and needs to learn from my mistakes. Good luck to us Lena! Wish we can get more opps soon! :)

JeFf & NoVa said... oh.. nikanta na jud ko ha.. para may kaduet ka.. hehehehe...

i'm happy for you sis... ako kay nagpaabot pa uy...

na ambot sa akong bf uy. kay muhuwat nlng man gud daw siya didto sa last airport nga akong dungguan... makahiubos jud kaayo ba.. nagchat mi gahapon about sa kanang sugaton ko niya sa first airport nga akong naugan para man lang mas secure na akong paminaw kay lagi totally different world tapos dako kaya ilang mga terminals diba, di parehas diri nato nga dali ka kaayo makita ang baggage of asa napud sunod..

kahilakun jud kaayo akong kalag uy.. kay lagi sa iyang gi-ingnan... makahunahuna nlng gani kog di nlng ko mudayon ani.. ug ngano man diay? makasapot.. hehehehe.. nag yaw2x na akong kalag diri noon. tanawa lagi ba...

akong YM kay sis

Michelle said...

haha mao ra diay. ayaw hilak2 diha kay makadaot na sa beauty sis. :)