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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh my God! Tornado warning again!

It was nice outside when I went out to work but before 12:00 noon, my co-worker's daughter called her and said that they'll go home at 11:45 AM because there's a severe storm coming. At noon, the sky becomes darker and later on a co-worker of mine said that she heard the siren which means we are already in a tornado warning. Oh my gosh, my mind was playing of what's gonna happen then something popped up in my mind. I remember hubby telling that the previous tornado warning we had here, they went to a hallway for an hour just like what schools do to their students. Then my what if's popped up in my mind too. What if the tornado will hit where my hubby is? Then what I'm gonna do? I'm not ready to face that kind of tragedy yet but what if it happens? When I arrive home, I was doing some more packing for the package that I'm going to send to the Philippines and after that I did some arranging in the closet. I put my winter clothes in the box and replace the closet with the summer clothes for summer. Then I cook dinner after I saw the clock that hubby might be home soon but then the tornado warning popped in my mind again. I was waiting for hubby's call because he always call me before he drives back home. It's almost 7:00 pm already and he didn't call yet which made me worry if there's something wrong happen to him. I was looking for my cell phone to call hubby of where he is but then my phone is not at the dining table where I normally put it. I went to the computer room and found it. Thank God, I received a voicemail from hubby when I open the phone to call him. I was really scared that I almost cry. My hands were shaking and I've been dropping things while cooking coz my mind is thinking of something bad. Silly me. :) But what if? haha


kerslyn said...

hahaha...relax sis! But really, you can't seem to relax when you have those things in mind. Ingon ana pud ko...grabe ang imagination. Ma-late lang gamay si hubby, mag-worry na daun.

Michelle said...

Yeah, we can't help but think of what happen to our hubby if they come home late or don't call at the time that we expected them to call us. That's why our minds are playing of all the "what if's". hehe But that's part of getting married. We worry if something happen to our hubby. In short, we care. :)