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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Air Show Photos

This is just a part of the crowd.

People are in line to buy food.

See the position of the two aircraft at the middle?

Pilots rolled the aircraft again. Woot! woot!

He waved back to us...

And yours truly after the event. Hope you enjoy the pics. ^_^


Scotty's Princess said...

Nice photos here, Chelle!
Mao pud lagi akong plano, Chelle. Daghan kaayo names sa akoang blogroll unya di man pud nako mabisita.
Before, halos everyday ko mubisita nila pero wa man nag-care mu-visit pud nako.
Maayo pa ning Entrecard kay bisan wa sa blogroll, once makit-an sa dashboard imong 125X125 logo nga ni-drop ka nila, mu-return drop jud.
Yes, mahibal-an jud Chelle kung kinsa tong mga nagdrop nimo.
I can say majority of Entrecarders are committed in returning the drops, pero naa pud uban deadma.. Try to get an account HERE, if you have more queries about EC, don't hesitate to drop me a line, OK?


Michelle said...

member na ko laine, naa nako ec nga banner sa right sidebar nako. hehe thanks sa info. :)

Hazel said...

wow, first time i saw this trough ur picture,it's exciting.

emjei said...

wow.. very cool.. hope i could see it live too..

hope we could link exchange.. :) and

tnx and have a nice day! :)

Michelle said...

hazel: yeah, you'll be impressed of how the pilots did it. they are really really good. :)

emjie: sure girl, we'll x-link. :)

laura said...

wow nice pics

Michelle said...

thanks! :)