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Friday, June 6, 2008

How to write good Sympathy Cards

Sympathy cards are difficult for many people to write because you have to consider the feeling of those who are mourning and the content of the cards that you are going to send must be perfect or maybe almost perfect so the family mourning or the person who mourn will feel a little better after reading the sympathy card that you made because of the loss of a family member. For me, the words that you are going to use must be uplifting, meaningful and powerful. Consider writing some verses from the Bible because verses are very powerful, I’m pretty sure that most of the good verses will enlighten the mind of the person mourning and would feel okay after reading some verse. You can tell the family how you appreciate the person who died and how happy you are that he/she becomes part of your life. Make it short and simple but meaningful. Then choose a card that suits your message at It’s a website that allows you to personalize cards and putting your return address on the envelopes as well. They have good samples of nice and wonderful sympathy cards that you can find in their website. Remember that a perfect sympathy card is good on the inside and out.

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