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Friday, June 13, 2008

I had a fist fight!

the fist part to the stick man fight series

That's what happens in my dream. I had a fist fight with a bad boy and some guys who wants to grab my bag. The setting was again in the Philippines as if it's real. In my dream I was there walking around and suddenly this bad boy grabbed my bag. I was still holding the bag and fight with the boy. It was a long fight coz the boy was determined to steal my bag. Then there were teenagers whom I thought were his friends who sort of cheering him up. I then notice that my bag is not in my hand anymore when my co-worker here in US handed me a telescope and said "Look!" pointing into the direction where the boy is. It was kinda blurry when I first look at the telescope then I saw the boy sitting on top of the sand that forms like a little mountain. He was laughing while watching a woman buried in the sand but the head shows as if she was sleeping. I think he was laughing watching the buried woman in the sand because he formed like a boobs also where the woman's boobs are. Then I saw my bag next to the feet of the woman. Then somebody handed me some big plastic bags that has something inside but it was lightweight as if the inside were plastic bags also. I said that I can't fight if my hands are full of plastic bags so I handed the plastic bags to a friend. When I went out in the place where I fight the boy, I saw a guy sitting on top of the sand that forms a little mountain also next to the door. He was laughing while watching what this boy did. I then know that he's part of the group who grabbed my bag so I went to him and sort of hug him but I put my two hands in his mouth as if I am tearing it and I said to him "Why are you doing this to me?” In my dream, I know the guy but his face in my dream is different. I just know that he's somebody I know. Then I woke up. I told hubby about it and hubby told me something. He said that maybe this person I know wants to steal what is mine. I found a book "Dictionary of dreams" so I look for the meaning about the stealing. It was written there that it's possible that I feel cheated or not respected and the other meaning is the loss of property, whether possessions or loved ones. As of now, I haven't heard about bad news from Philippines yet which I hope won't happen.


Anonymous said...

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Michelle said...

Wow, nice music! Thanks for sharing! :)

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Michelle...

Happy weekend. Got you tagged when you get the chance.

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laura said...

hi! chelle nanaginip na naman u,at nakipag away pa btaw sa panaginip raba if makipagbunoay ta kapoy pagmata ganyan din ako minsan pag nananaginip para talagang totou palagi naman panaginip ko naglalaba manual kaya pag gising ko pagod man,Anyway always ingat u nalang kahit jan sa mga nakapaligid u sa mga friends yung fil ingat ingat u nalang minsan kc sb nila kung sino pa yung malapit sau xa pa gagawa nga masama sau sakin sa pinas nagtiwala me masyado kaya kahit atm ko nawala nung nalalapit na akong umalis.