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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Can I see your ID?

Hubby and I went to Olive Garden restaurant coz I miss their salad and garlic bread. hehe I love their chicken marsala but this time I tried ordering the mixed grill which is also good. But before the waiter serve the salad, he ask hubby if he wants to have a sample of their wine. Hubby agreed to try the wine but just a little bit then I said I want to try a little bit too. The waiter said something which I didn't hear clearly so I asked what he said again and he asked me this "Can I see your ID"? Hubby laugh and said, "she's already 31". I was laughing also coz that was the first time that somebody asked for my ID. I showed him my driver license and I think he checked my birth date before he pour the wine into my glass. Yes, they are that strict here in US. Hubby asked the waiter if he thinks that I'm 16 and he said "not 16 but a little over 16". And that's because here in US you are allowed to drink if you're 21 yrs. old unlike in the Philippines where teenagers or even kids can drink wine or beer with their parents consent. But here, the answer would be not only No but "Hell, No!" haha It was a funny experience. ^_^


concealed mind said...

I like the idea of being strict unlike in the Philippines, they allow anybody to drink alcohol.

Hahha I am sure you are very flaterred to be mistaken as young as that. Have a great weekend to you Mitchelle

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Bianca said...

haha ingon ana gyud na chel kay kitang gma pinay mga baby face man gud ta tan awon lols mga shofa pa gyud bwahaha....bitaw oi kasuway sad ko ana before pangayuan ug ID, bisan sakto na sa edad.

texas_sweetie said...

well,atleast ikaw pangayoan kag tarong sa id tungod drink mo wine.akong experience sauna perting sakita. nangadto mi lingerie store nya gipagawas ko kay wa ko kapakita id kay bag o pako abot diri. tuo niya naku dyes anyos. igo nalang ko sa paghilak sa tago kay gi kick out kos tindahan animalis pwertis.

Michelle said...

concealed mind: of course i feel flattered that it happen to me but at the same time i think of it as a joke. naks!

bianca: lagi, makatawa lagi ko mag huna2 nga gipangayoan kog id. maayo na lang, naaan nga bata pa. haha

texas_sweetie: hala noh, sakit jud bitaw imong experience. maayo gani kay wala na mahitabo nako. nah, pasensya na lang jud ka kay unsaon nga baby face man lagi ta. :)

Kram Newo said...

hahahha kataw anan rasad oi pero at least mas bata tan aw nila sa mga pinay hehehe

Mummy Sheng said...

hahaha! yeah, you could pass younger than your age!

Michelle said...

kram newo: korek jud ka sis. :)

sheng: how i wish i'll always look younger than my age. that's a good compliment though. ^_^