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Friday, June 27, 2008


It's my day off again but I had an appointment at 3:00 PM today with my Dentist. I woke up a little early thinking that I can do some chores but was stuck by blog hopping. Anyways, my dental appointment today is to have a temporary crown for my implant and will be back for the permanent crown. Hubby was having some problems with his left jaw coz there's something growing in there like a golf ball. I thought it's something like what I had which is just like a bean shape but his is different. Our family doctor prescribed him with antibiotic but he want to hear another opinion from the Dentist so he ask for an appointment also while I'm there. The Dentist checked on him first before they start working on me and I was surprise that his problem is worst than mine. The Dentist suggests that hubby will go to an Oral Surgeon tomorrow and see of what the Oral Surgeon can do. The problem is his wisdom tooth was infected and it needs to be removed before it gets worst coz according to the Dentist's assistant it might infect the nerves too. But hubby wants my tooth implant to be completely healed first. So when they're done with me, the Dentist told me that he want to show me something while checking on hubby's jaw. He told hubby that I'm his (Dentist) eyes just in case the golf ball like in hubby's jaw will become bigger. He said that hubby is safe if that golf ball like thing will become soft. But before that, while the Dentist and his Assistant were working on me, the cap of my implant won't come out when it's time for the cap to be removed. Funny huh coz that cap fell accidentally twice and it happened when I was sick. The Dentist kinda gave up because the cap stuck to the implant. He said it's the first time that it happen. Whoa! But last week when he checked on my implant, he said its fantastic and it's like a hard rock. Too fantastic that it doesn't wanna come out anymore. haha And because he's kinda tired of pulling the implant's cap, he asked for an X-Ray and when he saw the result, he said that it's just normal. Then he tried pulling it again. At that time I was praying God's help coz I don't want to make it hard for them to work over time because of me. Imagine, I'm the only patient left in the clinic and they're supposed to go home at 5:00 PM. A few seconds after my little prayer my Dentist said "Victory!" That was a success and for me it's a Miracle that God listen to my prayer at that very moment. Hubby and I left the Dentist clinic at 5:22 PM. After that hubby showed me the road in going to the Oral Surgeon's Office coz I'll be the one to drive tomorrow for his appointment. We then went to the Asian Market for hubby's vegetables and for my junk foods then headed to the Chinese Buffet coz we were so hungry. Did you know what I put on my plate? As usual, SEAFOODS! Hubby tease me that I over indulge with seafoods coz I don't have room for my fortune cookie anymore. haha


Mummy Sheng said...

hope everything works out good for you, especially for your dear hubby!

take care!

Michelle said...

thanks sheng! :)

Pinay WAHM said...

Neverending ang dental appointments nyo, Mitch ah. Just like Sheng, I wish na ang ayos lang ang appointment ng hubby mo tomorrow.

Take care and drive safe!


Michelle said...

Oo nga, hanggang next year pa ata tong walang katapusang dental appointments. Postpone ang surgery ni hubby kanina, sa July 11 na after my dental appointment (na naman). Anyway, thanks sa concern and comments. :)

JeFf & NoVa said...

hi chel, musta na ikaw? read this long entry.. i do hope that okay ra nang ningbilog sa imong bana's jaw..

niabot na jud intawon akong kalag diri sa US ako ray usa... di man kaayo ko tinggawas kay lagyo man pud mga igsoon aning akong uyab.

musta na ka uy?

Michelle said...

ok lang gihapon nov. thanks sa comment. maayo kay abot na jud ka diri. :)

malejandria said...

hi Michelle, I am including you and your husband on my prayers. I hope nothing serious going on in there. Take care.

Michelle said...

thanks so much malejandria! i really appreciate it. thanks a lot! :)