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Friday, June 27, 2008 for me and you

This website is good for everybody like your family, friends, relatives, neighbors and office mates. We Love Local is a great website that has a lot of things to offer. As a registered user, you’ll have what they call a black book. Your blackbook is where you can keep track of everything you do on welovelocal.

Within your blackbook you can:

• manage your welovelocal profile and reviews
• keep track of your friends' latest reviews and recommended businesses
• save recent searches
• find reviews from your local area
• see user profiles from your area
• create personal favorites' bookmarks and bookmark sets
• save listings as you search
• track feedback on your reviews
• and a lot more...

This website is willing to help you in making the right choice. Whether you're looking for a reliable plumber or somewhere nearby to repair your shoes, welovelocal can help you find it. If you are looking for the best local businesses then read the reviews and ratings from people that you can trust. In this way, you’ll know which local businesses is the best. WeLoveLocal is using Google Maps to help you find the business just around the corner. And if you like what you see and read but want to check again later, you can save businesses by using personal bookmarks as you browse. Create your own profile and let people see who's behind the reviews. Write reviews and share your local knowledge with friends, family and the rest of the welovelocal community. On welovelocal, businesses are part of the community too. They add photos, up-to-date information and can comment on your reviews also. If you want to support your review, add your own candid photographs so others can see what you’re talking about. Besides, pictures are good reference too. Provide feedback on other reviews to help the very best reviews get recognized. Lend your support to your favorite local businesses and have fun helping other people to choose the right decision.

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