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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who's in the kitchen?

That's hubby, making some corn bread. He likes corn bread but I don't. hehe So he tried making some and after it's cooked, we let it cool down a little bit then we eat it when it's just warm but not hot. I notice that corn bread is good when it's freshly baked plus the smell is so inviting. The kitchen really smells yummy!


Mummy Sheng said...

nice to see hubby in the kitchen!

Norm said...

Hi Chelle! bait ng hubby mo nagluto.. by the way mahirap buksan dyan sayo ang sunshinenorm ko? bakit kaya.... thanks for the visit and have a nice day..

Katelove's said...

Btaw sis, corn bread is so good when it is fresh!! My hubby sad mahilig kaayo ug corn bread. ingat sis..

Anonymous said...

si husband diay nag alaga sa wife hehehe bitaw oi nice sad na oi some times bana ang magluto aron maka relax si wife.

Michelle said...

mummy sheng: yes, it's nice to see if your hubby is helping in the kitchen. :)

norm: yeah, nindot tan-awn kung bana magluto. haha ang sunshinenorm man tali ang di ma open. bali ang left side bar ra ang naa nya ang imong posts ug ang right side bar kay wala pero wana man mag download kay ang nasuwat sa ubos kay "done" naman.

katelove's: lagi, sa restaurant kay di man ko mokaon ug corn bread kay morag giinit ra, di jud fresh pero kung si hubby moluto kay humot man as in lami jud kaonon. ^_^

simplymama: haha maayo unta noh kung sige ug alaga si hubby sa wife aron maka relax ta pero corn bread raman sad iyang lutuon. haha