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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Are You Financially Fit? Try Bills IQ Test

I took the IQ test of website coz I want to know if I'm doing okay or not. This is the kind of website that we should read. Though I like shopping and indulging myself for buying stuff that I like but I also want to make sure that I'll be fine when I retire someday. Though we want to enjoy life today but we should also think and prepare for our future. Planning ahead is the key to financial success, having goals and dreams but of course you have to sacrifice sometimes to meet your future goals. I was impressed with the result of my Bills IQ. I thought I’m not doing well enough when it comes to budget and future plans because there are times when I get tempted to spend. So every now and then I need the help of website to remind me about saving tips every month or I won’t be able to continue saving for my future. There are 5 sections of Bills IQ test and they are Credit, Debt, Budget, Wealth and Life Plan. I had fun answering the questions and I'm glad to see the result of each section. Anyway, the total result of my Bills IQ is 98% A. I was really happy knowing that I’m on the right track but I still have to do some changes to make it perfect. Answering the questions made me realized that it is important to keep a record of every penny that you spent so you can check later on of what items that you can live without and save more for the future. Though my answers of the Bills IQ questions are good and excellent, I still want to learn more about investing money properly so my money will make money for me and I want to know more tips on how to save more. website is a good source of financial help especially in Debt consolidation. Be on the right track and don’t be trapped for not knowing what you need to know. Take action now and save yourself.

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