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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Celebrate the 4th of July Today!

Today is already the 5th of July but the celebration didn't end yesterday because there are more fireworks show today. Hubby and I wasn't able to watch the fireworks live yesterday because we went to a birthday party of my friend's son. We leave at the party 30 minutes before the fireworks starts and going to the fireworks venue will take 25 minutes from where we are so we thought that we might be stuck on the road and parking might be difficult at that time already. Anyways, we still have another chance to watch some fireworks today which what we really did. The sky looks a little darker which we thought it might rain but it didn't. There were lightnings which made the show started earlier but it was a successful one. Here are some photos of today's event. :)


blofixes said...

happy 4th! Nice blog.... Bisaya sad ko.. wer from?

Michelle said...

thanks! :)

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