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Monday, July 7, 2008

How to make sushi

For those who are interested to know, here's how I made it. I think the picture shows how.

Fresh fish or shrimp
carrots, celery, avocado
sushi vinegar
jasmine rice/sweet rice (or any rice you like as long as it's a little sticky)
sea weeds

I just use avocado coz hubby don't like shrimps and fish here are not fresh.

Roll the bamboo

Slice it into bite size and have fun eating! ^_^


Anonymous said...

i so love rolls.

Mummy Sheng said...

very nice! looks yummy too!

Michelle said...

thanks! :)

laura said...

wow thats my hubby ones fave sushi thanks for info ma try nga.

Michelle said...

hehe you're welcome lau! :)