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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cleaning My Blog Roll

I've been checking blogs lately that are listed on my blog roll to see if I was also on their list. I noticed that some of the blogs that I visited many times didn't add me into their blog roll. I don't have enough time to remind all those who forgot to add me so I just deleted their links. There are few blogs in which the url maybe wrong or doesn't exist anymore so I deleted them too. I hope I am right that the blogs I deleted really didn't exist anymore and if not, then I apologize.


Cecile n' Matt said...

you are welcome, chelle. know why, been thinking the same with my blogroll since i have been seeing some people on my lists didn't add me and some didn't exist or was removed. take care dear, and know you are sweet,too :-)

Michelle said...

thanks cille! it took me time to clean my blog roll though i thought at first that i won't bother doing it but then i realized i want to visit blogs that add my link too. i felt good now that the links on my list are the ones who care and take the time to add me into their blog roll. :)