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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Love You This Much Award

It's time to share some award today and I want to thank my dear friend Cecille for sharing this award. It's sooo cute and I really like it! :)

I want to share this award to Sheng, Juliana, Ilocana, Sweetiepie, Nice, Ellaine, Briggs, Lynn, Katelove's and those who are interested to grab this.


Lynn said...

Hahaha, katawa ko sa imo comment. Lagi bitaw, naanad na ko heels though gasuot japun ko flip-flops pero kanang kapal pud lagi og sole. Di jud ko ganahan anang flat na. Hantud 3" ra nuon ko. Dili nako kalakaw anang taas pa ana. Praktisan pa nako. Lol.

Thanks aning tag, Mich. Ganina pa jud ko way lingaw ba. Bored na ko sige atubang diri sa pc. Hehe.

Enjoy your weekend!

Suprihatin said...

i want too! can i get it?
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Scotty's Princess said...

Thanks for this beautiful award, Chelle! Appreciate it much. I will have to grab it soon. Hope you're having a fabulous SUnday. Mwah!


mjsterling said...

waa! wa lagi ko labot ana chelle? lols

anyway I'm here to say a big thank you for supporting me through out the contest ... I really appreciated for taking some of your time to vote for me

Ilocana said...

Wow, thanks girl..So thoughtful naman...... Love you too, just can't measure how much. he,he,he..

Mummy SHENG said...

thank you for this, pretty girl! and thanks for the visits, though i was absent last weekend. i appreciate your presence...a lot!

Cecile2 said...

here visiting at night :-)