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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dinner with Friends

My friends and I again went to our every Friday date which is Ladies Night Out at Chinese Buffet, shopping after dinner and Starbucks after shopping. We just love Chinese foods and crave for it once a week. Besides, our husbands are happy that we the Pinay wives have time to bond together at Chinese Restaurants because our husbands don't want to go with us all the time when we crave for Chinese foods. In short, they are happy that they don't need to take us to the Chinese buffet anymore plus they don't wanna deal with going out and eating the foods that they don't really like to eat for 4 times a month. In bisaya, luwas ang mga bana. hahaha We had fun tonight chit chatting and exchanging ideas about life here in US with fellow Pinays around. Will talk about it next time. For now, here are the photos of what we had for dinner.

My first plate. Hmm First means there's more to go. haha

Mary Jane's plate. Her first plate too. :)

And Ilocana's first plate. haha

My second plate. haha Love this! :)

And my dessert. I like the banana with strawberry syrup on it and the pink cake. They're yummylicious! ^_^


Mummy SHENG said...

oh, those food are yummy! i know it's more fun because you're with friends!

take care!

Michelle said...

thanks! :)

Scotty's Princess said...

Kalami ba ani, Chelle!
Panghatag pud dinha, hehe!


Michelle said...

haha sige sunod kuyog ka sa akong pakals. :)

Jules said...

shet kakainggit! ang sarap ng itsura! ahihihi~ uy melanie, nag post ako ng artix sa blog ko! ikaw ang topic! ahihihi! :)

oo kainis ung mga ibang bloggers na hindi pinoy minsan. kala mo kung sino..hayy!..

in fairness ang sarap ng itsura nito ah. :)

jenn_US said...

the food looks yummy. the photos are great pud. wow i miss bonding with girl friends. :)

Lynn said...

Wow! Love seafoods! Makalaway oi!

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle, kasabot gyod ko sa imong gibati thought ako ra ingon ana, daghan na diay ta.. Anyway yummy rapod na inyong pagkaon oi, naglaway ug gigutom hinuon ko,hehehe, duol pat ay kuyog gyod ko ninyo...

Michelle said...

jules: buti na lang hindi pinoy. thanks sa post mo ha. hehe

jenn_us: haha yeah, it's nice to bond with friends sometimes. :)

lynn: haha daghan na ta. pero nindot diha lynn kay presko jud ang seafoods. diri kay frozen man or di gani inaysan na. pero maayo na lang na kaysa wala jud, at least bisan layo sa Pinas makakaon gihapon ug seafoods. hehe

lisa: nah, aligre jud samot kung naa ka kay daghan na ta. :)

Gie said...

yummy seafood..