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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Asia!

I'm referring to my friend's daughter named Asia. It's her birthday yesterday and though I don't have kids yet hubby and I were invited. But due to hubby's tooth surgery, he prefer to stay at home. Anyway, here she is, the birthday girl Asia!

Isn't she cute?


Lynn said...

Yep, she's definitely adorable. Wish i'll have a daughter soon as cute as her. I drawing na lang sa nako 'cause it's far from possible pa man. Hehe.

Happy Sunday, Mich!

Michelle said...

haha me too, wishing that i can have a cutie daughter like her someday. but im sure if you have one she will be as pretty as you too. ^_^

mjsterling said...

She is absolutely adorable..Happy Birthday Asia

Michelle said...

thanks mjsterling. :)

Jarvil said...

She's so cute!!! Happy Birthday to Asia!!!

From Jarvil...Hehe!

Scotty's Princess said...

I'm sure she will grow up sexy like Asia Agcaoili, hehe. Ganahan ko sa iyang name,chelle!

BTW, good move in removing your tagboard. I want my presence felt by posting comments. Ganahan pud ko mubasa ug comments. This is a lot better than tagboard because you can have interaction from your friends and readers.


Michelle said...

thanks jarvil! :)