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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Exchanging Links

I think bloggers should understand that we can't exchange links right away and wait til they're added. If I blog hop to bloggers that I add already and they didn't add me, I leave a message to their blog to let them know that I added them and hoping that they won't forget to add me. But other bloggers can't wait that their names will be listed in your blog roll. I apologize in my previous post that I can't blog hop for my two blogs lately and I need time for myself too. Though I tried to blog hop everyday but there are times where you really need to take a rest after doing chores that needs to be done. I just notice that there are few bloggers who left a message asking me to add them coz they add me already and for me it sounds rude because their using this "!!!". Well in my opinion, if they can't wait and hate me for not adding them right away then delete my link. Simple right? Adding links takes time. I don't want to burn any bridges but it really gets on my nerves when somebody ask me to choose if I want to be added in their link or not, told me to add them because they already added me and telling me that they want to be added with a different name and I'm finish adding them already. Most of them don't really visit my blog so I don't care if they delete my name in their link. What's the use of linking if they don't visit your blog often? It's useless! I'm now happy having an entrecard coz it brings me more visitors who doesn't ask me to be added in my links. Now I'm thinking of deleting my cbox. But we'll see.


Katelove's said...

I know how you feel sis, I agree with you. hehehe, kasi yung ibang blogger dito d mkapaghintay. Gusto nila agad-agad. pastilan, murag mao rba atong trabho, unya daghan pa rba tag giAtiman. Mao btaw ko sis, hop hop nlng, nvr na ako nag ask na mkipag xlinks, hehehe, kung meron nag add sa akin, okey din, kung wla okey rin. Ingat sis michelle and have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

Hehehe! Katawa ko nimo. Bitaw, mao man ako gitanggal akong cbox kay samokan ko. Sa una, pasensiya lang. Nadugay kay nahurot ra jud ako patience. Hehe.

Naa ra na nimo Mich. Puwede bitaw ka leave comment pareho ani so ikaw. Ang nakaayo ani kay mamoderate nato diba. (",)

Michelle said...

thanks girl! try the entrecard kay mas ok na. :)

Pinay WAHM said...

Ha! Tama ka dyan. I stopped worrying about that.

I hope you're feeling much better now...with the UTI and the deleted post. I also get the UTI and I usually buy pain relievers sa store then drown myself with cranberry juice. If I don't get any better, then I go to the doctor for the antibiotics.

Anyway..enjoy your weekend.


Scotty's Princess said...

It's up to you Chelle if you want to remove your Tagboard.
AS per my experience, removing my cbox hasn't affected my blog's readership, as if naman may readers, HAhahaha!
Bitaw,with Cbox, spammers abound and putting messages like "Care to exlink?" is an easy thing to do. If you opt to remove it, ur visitors especially ur readers have no choice left but to post a comment in any of ur entries.
I am coming up with an article about the Power of Blog COmmenting.
Hopefully I can publish this over the weekend.


Lisa said...

Hi Michelle, visiting here...Anyway, TRUE gyod ka usahay di gyod nako ma lista ila ngalan kay kapoy kaayo log in lang ka kay imo i link sila, hasol di ba? Ang imong idea same sa mine, kung ila e erase ako ngalan Ok, Dapat mohulat sila...Take care nalang and have a great Friday night!!!!!!

Jules said...

juz ko natakot naman ako sa post mo ngaun. galit na galit ka huhuhu! nakipa exchange links pa naman ako kahapon sayo! huhuhu!

sabagay me point ka nga. ung iba, napapa add tapos kapag na add kana di mo man makita ang link mo sa kanila. tama naman si ate kate. :( dapat hop hop ka nalang at ilagay mo nalang ung talagang feel mong ilagay sa mga blog links mo. ;(

Jules said...

oo nga pala, just added your link to my bloglist. =)

Jules said...

hello michelle...nasa yung blogroll ko. :) sa healthlines wala eh. tinatamad ako maglagay. nilalagay ko lahat sa para isahan nalang. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks guys for the comments. I feel a little better now. hehe Nailabas ko na ang hinanakit ko eh, kaya ok na. Again, thanks for the comments and for the visit. Happy weekend to All! ^_^

Lynn said...

Hahaha! Katawa ko sa imo comment didto sa ako. Naintriga ko samot, gipangita jud nako tong culprit sa imo cbox ba. Og nakit-an jud nako. Haaay! Masyado siyang demanding ha. As in mura jud siyag "bading". Hahaha.

Mayo na lang nalingaw ta gamay niya. Sagdi siya Mich oi. Magka wrinkles ka ana niya. Lol.

Enjoy your weekend!

Michelle said...

Mao na Lynn, madaot atong beauty sa bayot. Pero ok na kay nakakaon naman kog Chinese... aw Chinese foods. hehe Motukar man lagi ning atong sapot labina ug gutom. hahaha

Dana & Debbie said...

Amen to you sis! We've experienced the same too!

Just blog hopping here :)

Michelle said...

Thanks dana & debbie for the visit. :)