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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yes, I made it!

Early this morning I went to the American Family Care Clinic to get a prescription drug for my Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) again. It was the first time that I went there by myself coz hubby always go with me whenever I go to any Doctor, whether I have an appointment with my Dermatologist, Dentist, Dental Surgeon, OBGYN and so on. I decided to go to the clinic early so I'll be finish early also. But hubby won't go with me if I go early in the morning so I just decided to go by myself and hubby told me that it will be a good practice for me. hehe I just felt confident when hubby told me what to do when I'm there. It wasn't really hard as what I thought it was. So now if I have health problems, I can go to the Doctor by myself. Yes, I made it! Success! Whew!


Atniz said...

Congrats on getting use to the new places alone. I must tell you that I'm not your level yet. I'm still scared to go to clinic or shopping complex all alone. My husband or my mum always comes with me.

Michelle said...

Thanks atniz! Yeah, I think I need to practice going to the Doctor by myself just in case my husband is not available and I'm really sick then I can go to the Doctor which is close to where we live. It's not really a long drive so it's okay. And when it comes to shopping, I can shop alone without hubby but sometimes I want him to go with me so he can carry the stuff I bought. haha

Ilocana said...

Well, just like me way back when I'm still so new here..Scared to go anywhere without hubby.. But like everybody says, you have to do it yourself sooner or later anyway, so better do it now!!

Jules said...

:) congrats sayo ahihi! mahal ka naman ni hubby so ok lang yan !:)


Mummy Sheng said...

good on you! getting to be independent!

i'm so much like you before. i always depend on hubby for everything. but you learn in time.

Outback-Pinay said...

Good for you sis :-)

Lynn said...

Good for u. Ganyan din me before, always dependent with my hubby. But now, i don't have anybody to depend to but myself. Sad but true. Hehe.

Get well soon Mich. Sa UTI nag start illness ng hubby ko so don't take it for granted. Take care!