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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fresh Banana Mango Shake

Because it's summer season now, hubby and I were experimenting on shake flavors. Here's what we made. :)

From these banana ang mango we were able to make...

This banana mango shake with whip cream and cherry on top. It looks fancy but it's homemade. :)


Lutchi said...

hopping and checking

DanaDebbie said...

Hmmmm, yummy! This is very ideal this summer season. Homemade shakes or any other foods are actually the best!

By the way, just hopping here and dropping my ec too! Have a great day!!

Debbie :)

janethvicy said...

Here i go again to ask for your vote ..Have a fruitful and wonderful day to you..

mjsterling said...

that looks so yummy! can I have some? lols!

anyway! Im here to ask you a favor to please vote for my blog LA VIDA ES HERMOSA to win the customize layout contest at the voting poll is on the right side of the blog.. thank you so much!

Kiscy_rob said...

Yummy can i take a sip? lol anyway dropping by to let u know i have a tag for u. please feel free to grabbed it anytime you like. Mahalo Sistah

Mummy Sheng said...

that's so yummy, especially on a sunny summer!

Lynn said...

It looks like those made in the resto. Galeng Mich! Negosyo na lang ka resto. Hehe.

briggs said...

Salamat sa greeting mich... musta na man ka? Lami ayo imo food display diri ba heheheh!