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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fried Plantain Banana

It was raining outside and so I decided to cook something for my snack. I cook the ripe plantain banana and my tummy is already satisfied after eating this snack. Yummy yummy! :)


Mom of Four said... time i made turon with langka and brown sugar, i gained weight..though, chunky na ako by nature..sometimes, you just can't think of what to eat anymore..your fried banana looks yummy!!!!

Michelle said...

haha in my case i still want to gain weight and don't know what healthy foods that will make me gain weight. i'm afraid of oily foods and i eat just a little bit coz my little tummy will be in pain if i over-indulge. ^_^

my small world said...

I love this snack. Have you ever tried it w/ flour? Well u take some flour n water it down, a little thinner then when making pancakes. Then u add a spoon full of sugar to the flour and dip the bananas in them then fry it, Indian style.

Michelle said...

i tried the banana coated with flour when i was in the philippines but i haven't tried cooking it yet. hehe thanks for the recipe, i'll try it next time. :)