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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I hate myself just now...

Grrrr! Really, I hate myself just now but I learned a lesson. I deleted the opps that I posted here because it wasn't approved and I hate looking at the thumbs down. I was thinking that to make it fair, I will delete the opps that the advertisers didn't pay for it so they won't get a free advertising from me. Who knows that they just don't want to pay coz they want free advertising from bloggers like me and think that I won't bother to delete it? Anyway, I had one opps before that wasn't approved also but 3P's didn't give me any reason whatsoever if I can fix it or not. But then I save it just in case 3P's will send me a message how I can fix it and resubmit it again. Too bad, 3P's didn't send any message about the first thumbs down that I got from them so when I had the second thumbs down I just deleted it right away and didn't save it. Now I received a message on how to fix the second opps that I deleted after I think a week of deleteing it and I can't retrieve it anymore coz I also deleted my recycle bin this afternoon. Urrgh! What made me sad is I spent more than an hour when I made it because it needs 300 words. Grrrr! And the only mistake I made is I think I forgot to put the link. huhuhu Now if I want to resubmit it again then I have to make another one from scratch which means more than an hour. (sigh)

I hate myself


Scotty's Princess said...

Hala, kasayang adto, Chelle. Whenever PPP disapproves a post, you are given ample time to correct whatever errors done.
I think 3 days.
More often than not, errors are in the placement of HTMLs.
I am speaking based on my own experience...


SatoNa said...

:) we always have mistakes.. :)

maybe the lesson is we have to be patient to wait for something.. :)

maybe you can keep your review (in ms.word or notepad) for a month or two months.. ^^

don't give up! ^o^

your blog is very cute.. nice to meet you.. :)

Nessa said...

Hi Michelle :)

Oh, what a bummer! I've experienced that before (but not fm 3P's). Some gave me ridiculous excuse saying I wasn't suppose to get the opps. How was I to know?? Well, I deleted the posts right away.

We all make mistakes but still, when we spent so much time and effort on those posts, it can really get to you. Better luck next time ya :)

Have a great week!