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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My first pregnancy...

It's kind of interesting for me knowing that something's growing inside my tummy. I think about many things from gaining weight, seeing myself with big tummy, swollen legs, wearing a bigger size of clothes, breastfeeding, waking up at night, grocery shopping with the baby, exercising before and after pregnancy and so on. As of this moment, I have a lot of questions going on in my mind. To answer some of those, I bought 3 books lately. Two of them are about what to expect when you're expecting and the other one is how to be a hot momma. I think some pregnant women doesn't care about themselves anymore because they think that no matter what they do, they still look ugly. Others think they look fat and other negative things that they can see on the mirror. In my case, I want to do the opposite. I still have plans to wear my summer clothes and use my swim wear soon if I have the chance to do it. I guess women should think positive about how they look even if they're pregnant coz that can affect the self esteem and their soon to be baby. I hope I can get a good guidance from the books that I read.

Anyways, talking about pregnancy means so many things to me. You feel the joy that soon you'll have a little one like you, your husband or mix; sacrifice from all the do's and don’ts; thrill of what the gender would be; excited if the baby look like me or hubby; tiring because you have to do the exercise even if your tummy is bulging already; but the nicest thing about pregnancy is not about eating anything what you want (for me it's not good) but knowing that my Filipina friends are there if I need them. Like my Filipina co-worker, she asked me today if I want to eat something and when I told her that I like her banana bread, she said that she'll cook some more and give me some. Isn't it nice? Another friend of mine told me that if I crave something to eat I should tell somebody coz Filipinas here will surely cook the one I want. It really feels so good hearing those. But of course I'll try not to bother anybody because of my pregnancy except for hubby. haha It sounds funny when hubby asked the practitioner about the exotic foods that I ate. He said "I have a question but don't laugh. She eats dried fish, dried squid and pigs boiled blood". Then he asked if it is okay to eat those now that I'm pregnant. The practitioner said "as long as its cook then that's fine". haha I didn't crave for the pigs blood yet but I have some in the freezer, ready to heat and eat if I want to. I think they're safe coz they're cooked. But for safety reason, I'll try not to eat the pig’s boiled blood or blood pudding (dinuguan) while I'm pregnant. Isn't it nice to be preggy? Though I don't like the feeling of getting dizzy, tired, sleepy, and other symptoms that a pregnant woman get, I still like the thought of having a little one around. ^_^


Pinay WAHM said...

A big congratulations to you and your hubby. Here's wishing you a health 9-month journey in your pregnancy.

Woo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Pia said...

congratulations!!! God bless you and your family more and more each day.

texas_sweetie said...

hala i can tell by your posts nga excited nakas imong pregnancy ay..samot na unya magka daku imong tummy.maayo ka diha oi daghan nagpangga nimo mga pinay..request ka gud ayaw kauwaw kay para busog tinai hehe

tuod,about sa u Q about breasfeeding ba ko.Oo breastfed ko sauna pero kalit raman undang ako baby ug totoy oi,4 months siya ni undang,ouch kaau para naku kay she can lick or chew anything except my yotot,ambot nganu siya nga mura man gipakaon tai ug dum-an sa nipple.

Lynn said...

Nice magbuntis Mich ba kay kung unsa imo gusto, hatag jud sa bana. Hehe. Take extra care ha kay naa na ka bb.

Niwey, tagged u...

Michelle said...

pinaywahm: thanks julz! naisip ko baka may singing bee din sa bahay namin pag lumaki na si baby kasi feel kong mag karaoke lately. haha

pia: thanks!

texas sweetie: katawa kos imong comment nga mo request jud aron busog tinae. hehe waman sad pa hinuon koy ganahan kaonon nga di nako mapalit or maluto except sa buwad nukos nga di pa available diri. hala noh, ngano kahang niundang imong baby ug totoy. ang uban kay niundang ug pa totoy kay gamay ra sila ug gatas nya naa sad uban nga nasakit so wa gipadayon ug patotoy. maayo unta ug mototoy akoang anak puhon oi kay makapaniwang sad raba kuno na nya barato pa kay iduom ra di na kinahanglan paliton. haha

lynn: bitaw, bisan tuod daan na nga concern akong bana nako pero nisamot jud iyang ka concern nga hasta hugasonon sya na mohugas. haha luoy sad baya tan-awn pero cute man sad nga bana manghugas. haha bisan tuod ug gusto ihatag sa akong bana tanan nga akong gusto kaonon pero concern sad sya nga basin modako ko, maglisod nya kuno ko ug panganak. i-check jud na niya ang nutrition facts sa among paliton nya i-remind ko niya kung unsa ang maayo ug dili pero kung gusto jud ko sa makadaot, paliton na lang namo. haha pero nag control sad ko nga tagsa rako mokaon sa mga tam-is kay mahadlok lagi ko ug mo balloon dretso. unsaon na lang kung ting utong na, gamay na lang nya ug hangin. hehe

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

na excite din ako..hehehe

Lynn said...

hahaha! ana jud Mich. ayaw jud palabi sweets. pero ok pa man ata sa first and second trimester. after ana, murag dapat minimize na jud nimo. mas nindot jud raba normal delivery kay dali ra recovery as compared sa CS. ako, second day pa lang gikan ko nangnak, nag shorts na ko oi. hahaha.


Lerlyn said...

pila naka ka weeks Chelle..d man lisod mag buntis basta dili lang masilan, kana gud mubo ang matris..ang lisod ra man sa pagbuntis kay ng sensitive imong pangamoy for 2 mons ra na..swerte if dili maglabad ang ulo..ako wala ko gilabadan ug ulo sa first oo..pag amping2x.wala ko gi advisan sa ob nako na mag long walk kay wawa daw ang baby..regular lang daw na binuhatan ok like malling ug ang usual na buhaton sa balay..congrats ulit!

Mummy SHENG said...

I've got something for you! :)

Mummy SHENG said...

i couldn't be any happier for you and hubby! yes, the long wait is finally over!

you'll surely be a very pretty pregnant lady! be careful on your 1st trimester, they say those are the difficult part. take plenty of rest if you can and don't stress yourself.

i am so excited for you, my dear!

Lynn said...

Re Tinolang Manok, papaya ra man halo ni mama, Mich. Then gitimplahan ra niya asin and vetsin. Katong picture, gikuha ra nako to sa google aron naay sample. Naa man toy pechay sa pic diba? We haven't tried that one pa. (",)

WeblogLearner said...

It is a cool way to let out and share your pregnancy life. I will be observing closely. I am so curious with that boiled blood... i have never tried it it...and never have seen it yet.

Yeah it so cool I guess to have some kids..but maybe it can wait for me..23 is such a very young age to be preggy maybe when I am 28 or more...^_^

BTW, i am so curious with the boiled blood. is it a native dish of what region ba? How do you do it?

Pinay WAHM said... ready nga sa singing in 24/7 na yan. Remember you can't turn it off as well even if nabibingi ka na sa kakakanta nya.

You will have a blast having a little one to take care of. The first few years [10 years...hahaha] you will be sleep-deprived kasi tatawagin ka talaga kahit 2AM just to answer certain questions na hindi naman importante.

May morning sickness ka na ba? I hope you won't go through that. It's tough.

Mommy J [Naku malapit ka na ring mag sign ng Mommy M or Mommy Michelle....hehehe]

Michelle said...

mica: thanks girl! happy din me na maraming happy and excited for me. :)

lynn: wow, kaisog gud nimo lynn! advantage jud ang normal delivery kay kung CS di man ka basta2 maka exercise ug alsa ug bug-at kay mabughat nya bawal sad magpa massage. naa kay mga seremonyas after nanganak like kung maligo daw magtunod ug metal sa tiil aron di mabughat nya ang plantsa ibutang daw sa tiyan while saying nga sama sa plantsa ang tiyan flat sad. toink! naa man gud ko amiga nga naglihi-lihi after panganak pero ambot ug tinuod ba. basin tinuohan ra sad to sa buktot. haha

lerlyn: i think 1 month and 2 weeks but the practitioner think i'm 2 months pregnant. i guess i have to wait for tomorrows tests again coz it seems that they're going to do something so they'll know if my calculation is right. the practitioner said that my uterus is backward. don't know if that's masilan or what. but the precare vits. that they gave me really helped a lot. i've been taking for 3 days now and i'm feeling good everyday as if i'm not pregnant. unlike those days that i didn't have the precare yet, my day is always a struggle. :)

sheng: thanks for the tag and the inspiring words. it feels so good to know that my fellow bloggers are excited too. thanks sis! :)

lynn: ahh di man ko kahibaw mo timing sa kapayas oi. nag try kog himo kausa nya kay luod man nuon. hehe sige lang, mag experiment na sad ko ug usab. kinahanglan na raba magpagatas. haha

webloglearner: thanks! yeah, don't be in a hurry to have a baby. enjoy the moment while you're still young coz once the baby comes, you can't go back to being single again.

The pig's boiled blood is very popular in Visayas Philippines but I think people in Luzon also have a different recipe of how to cook it. There are lots of spices to mix and one of them is hot pepper which makes the taste really good. I'm not sure how to cook it coz I haven't tried cooking it yet but I see scallions and other pigs internal organs or meat added to it. Some people don't know how to cook it which make the taste nasty but if you know the technique in cooking the pigs blood then the result will be a very delicious delicacy. :)

Pinaywahm: grabe, 10 yrs straight na sleep deprived talaga ha. baka maging walis tingting na ang katawan ko nyan dahil palaging kulang sa tulog. haha wala tayong magawa kung andyan na, di na pwedeng ibalik sa tyan kaya sagutin na lang kung anong maisip na tanong.

Wala yata akong morning sickness. Kaya lang kung minsan parang gusto kong magspit kasi feeling ko may something sa lalamunan ko na gusto kong ilabas. Usually pag nag toothbrush ako o nag scrape ng tongue, feeling ko magto-throw up ako pero wala namang lalabas.

Oo nga, next yr Mommy M na me. Pero meron na akong naisip na panlaban sa singing bee. Headphone! haha

simplymama said...

Girl, first of all congratulations. Dai, as long as your ready being a mom well you don't have to worry about anything, be positive as always...exercise is one way of having a healthy baby and healthy labor.

laura said...

hi! buntit grabe inuulit ulit kong basahin post u hehee excited me at sana nga ako na nxt kc inip na hubby ko niloloko nga me pag ala padaw nxt month isoli nadaw nya me patawa hehehe kies ingats u palagi.

Lynn said...

Na ayaw tuo ana Mich oi. Tiniguwang na nga istorya. As the saying goes..."And naniniwala sa sabi sabi, walang bait sa sarili." Hahaha. Wala jud ko gatuo anang lihi lihi ba. Hehe.

Niwey, naa koy para nimo...

mjsterling said...

wow that's awesome Michelle your going to have a baby na..hmm dungan mo sa kaong sis.. How I wish ako pud unta oi waaaaa!

Anyway's a big congratulations to u and to your hubby..I'm happy for u my dear..for sure tisay na tisay ang imong bb pohon...take care always especially now nga duna nanay sulod imong tummy...mwaaah1

Michelle said...

simplymama: thanks sis! yeah, i'm just curious because it's my first. :)

laura: ganun ba? natatawa ako sa inyo, inip na pala hubby mo ha. ok lang yan, dumating din yan pag time na. :)

lynn: mao lagi kay depende raman tali sa pagpaningkamot. thanks sa tag, i-grab nya na nako puhon. :)