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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And the long wait is over... I'm pregnant!

Last night I went to bed at 1:00 AM and get up at 4:00 AM, went to the bathroom and went to bed to continue sleeping. It's already 5:00 AM then 6:00 AM and my mind is still awake. I then felt hungry so I decided to get up, cook rice and sardines with egg, cook hubby's veggies for his lunch and at 7:00 AM went back to bed. I felt so tired that I was able to sleep again and doesn't want to get up when the lamp alarm turned ON. I don't feel like going to work coz I still feel sleepy and hubby told me that if I don't feel like working, I'll just call work and let them know. I decided to just go to work today coz I've been taking emergency days off for my Doctors appointments lately. I was kinda excited to know of what the result of my blood test would be. I was off work at 3:00 PM and hurriedly went to the car and check my cellphone if my friend called me about the result. I had 2 voicemail messages but it's not from my friend who work at the OBGYN. I listened to my voicemail and they were from my 2 friends. One friend of mine read what I posted here last night so she called and congratulated me. Because of her excitement she called another friend of ours and spread the news. The friend that she called was also excited and called another friend of ours. It was funny though knowing how excited they were for me. I called my friend who's working at the OBGYN office and asked if the result is already there. She told me that she'll call me back coz she'll ask first about it. After 3 minutes, my friend called and said "You're pregnant!" then she arranged for my prenatal visit which will be this coming Friday. Hmmm Now it's official, I really am pregnant! haha At last, the long wait is over. I called my friends and my cousin in Hawaii when I arrived home. They're all excited! I'm just happy to have a good circle of friends here who are as excited as I am. Now I worry of when to wear all my summer clothes that I haven't worn yet. I was buying stuff for Florida vacation but maybe my tummy will soon be bigger at that time. Tonight I felt like my tummy is showing a little bit and was hurting a little so I took a generic tylenol but hubby bought me an extra strength tylenol after dinner just in case the generic won't work for me. I'm glad that hubby is so concern to any of my needs. That's a good sign. He's excited too! :)


laura said...

wow congrats ako kaya kelan? sana sunod na hehehe.well ingatss ingats jan and Im so happy for u and ur hubby.

Lynn said...

Finally, Mich! Congratulations!

Don't worry, mag exercise ka inig mga 7-8 months na man imo tiyan. Ayaw jud pagtinapol kay na, mahiwa jud na imo tiyan. Hehe. My bb was 6.14 lbs ra and normal siya. Sa kagamay nako, they thought basi CS ko pero luckily, nautong nako siya. Hehe.

Take extra care ha and eat healthy. Mura kog doctor da. Hehe.

Extend my congratulations to your hubby too. Cheers!

briggs said...

CHEERS to you Chelle and your hubby as well. Am so happy that you are pregnant, so excited seeing you with your big tummy hehehehe...Ingatz and GOD BLESS!

Me, the islands and the world said...

congrats kaayo:) may you have an easy pregnancy and delivery.

WeblogLearner said...

Congratulations, Michelle! As I was reading, I felt funny because of that network...a friend called a friend who then called another and so on! Hahaha! You are such a friendly lady.

Congratulations again... would that be a first born?

BTW, I will just keep your another comment because it is not related to a post at WebbieStuffs... i will be posting it later with other unapproved comments.

Again, Congratulations...

Lerlyn said...

wow!your pregnant! dugay na d-i ka nagdahom na mabuntis chelle! Congratulations!!! Im happy for you!

Scotty's Princess said...

WOW! Big congratz to you and your hubby, Chelle! Im so excited to see your tummy grow and to see your baby after 9 months.
Stay safe and CHEERS!

aL|e said...

hey! congratz gurl for that blessing gurl! :)

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

in His time He will make all things beautiful!

WontonSushi said...


Ilocana said...

Wow! Ang kutob ng ladies night-out gang naging true! ha,ha. CONGRATULATION to both of you!!! We're so happy that you will soon be of us,,, a beautiful and sexy MOM !!! nyaha,ha,ha. But true ha?!.

Michelle said...

Laura: thanks girl! maybe next time, you'll be the one to spread the good news. hehe

lynn: thanks sis! at last, the OB confirmed that I'm pregnant. I'll keep that in mind to exercise when I'm 7-8 months pregnant. Whew! That must be the big sacrifce that would really pay off. Good that you made it. I hope I can do it too. :)

briggs: thanks sis! it's interesting to see how my tummy grows. haha as of this moment, i don't know how i look like when my tummy starts to show. ^_^

me, the islands and the world: thanks! i wish the same too. :)

webloglearner: thanks a lot! yeah, it really sounds funny how my friends tell my other friends. haha when i arrive work today my co-workers were congratulating me and one hugged me coz one of my co-workers is my friend who received a call yesterday from my friend and told her the news. now everybody knows I'm pregnant. haha it's fun and i love the way how my friends reacted about my situation. i was laughing when i heard the voicemails from my friends yesterday coz they were sort of shouting for joy and giggling that I'm now preggy coz it's my first baby.

no problem with me if you don't post my comment yet. i was in a hurry to leave a comment coz I'm so tired. I thought I can take a nap when I come home from work but I ended up calling my excited friends and chitchatting. so i end up blogging late. hehe

lerlyn: thanks lyn! i wasn't really planning about it but there were times that I like to have a baby na especially if I see a cute one at the stores or church. babies are just so adorable. molingi jud ko kung naay mag bitbit ug bata labina kung gamatoy pa kaayo. like sa resto nga among gikan-an nga naay mag-asawa nga twin ang anak gagmay pa. tagsaay sila ug patotoy sa bata kay gi babyron man. cute jud tan-awn oi. labina kung upaw2 pa. hehe

scotty's princess: thanks laine! i'm excited to see my little one too. can't imagine myself yet when my tummy grows. as of today, i felt like there's nothing inside my tummy but there are times that i feel bloated. i hope this will be an easy pregnancy. :)

alle: thanks ella! it's really a blessing. :)

mica: you're right! i think He plan this to happen coz hubby and I were not planning about this yet. maybe it's the right time. i'm just happy that not only me and hubby are excited of the outcome but also the people around me and those who care for me.

wontonsushi: thanks!

ilocana: thanks a lot! yeah, i will soon have a little one to bring if we have gatherings. haha ay, mapapadalas na ang gathering natin kasi mag stay at home mom na me. :)

princess said...

wow! congrats sis! oi, late nako sa imo balita pero cge lang better late than never naman bitaw. congrats again!

Michelle said...

you're welcome princess! bitaw, better late than never. :)

ღ Pinaymama ღ said...

Hello mitch, congrats!! Now lang nako nabasa imo post. I'm so happy for you, finally the waiting is over na jud..wen man imo due?
good luck!!!