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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Planning for our Future

Planning for the future is good not only for you but also for your family. Though it takes time, effort and patience before you get the good results but it’s really worth it. As early as now hubby and I planned of what’s good for our baby. Having a baby is not about raising the child but also educating the child. That’s the best gift you can give to your kids because knowledge is power and no one can steal that. But if you have no idea about saving, financial planning and protecting your wealth then don’t worry. You can still have the good future that you want if you act now and take it seriously. There’s a website that will help you to save money today. Even if you’re in debt, you can find debt help and loan quotes to save your future. I’m talking about If you are in desperate help or in need of proper guidance then check this website and try Bills IQ test. As you answer the IQ test, you’ll learn something from it too. After taking the test, you’ll see the result and that’s your opportunity to change how you think about money and try to change the bad habit into a good one. Honestly, it’s not too late for you to start planning. This website has articles that you can use as a guide for financial planning in the future. There are tips also that you can follow if you want to. I’m glad that my Bills IQ result is 98% A which means I’m on the right track but I still want to know some more tips to continue to be on the right track. can improve your financial score and give you a good financial health. It made me feel confident that hubby and I are doing the right way. Now that hubby and I will soon have our first baby, we plan more seriously about saving for education plans, purchasing a new house and continue to contribute for our retirement plan. Aside from those plans, hubby is now seriously investing in the stock market. The moment he knew that I’m pregnant, he started researching seriously about the stock market then investing little by little. It’s nice to know that he’s following it everyday and watching it grow.

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