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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Preggy talk

According to my friend every woman is different. There are preggy women who don’t experience the morning sickness or the fainting and other pains but there are some women like my other friend who doesn't want to eat anything because she vomits after she ate. Hmm I hope I won't experience that. I still want to eat regularly without vomiting.

The practitioner told me to eat protein every now and then. I ate a little bit of fish with vinegar (inun-unan) and fried fish for my lunch which I was excited while cooking coz I crave for Filipino foods. I was happy after smelling the two dishes but I was disappointed when I ate them because the taste is different. I used the frozen fish from the Filipino store coz the owner said that it's good type of fish. How I wish we have fresh fish here like in the Philippines. I ended up throwing the fish with vinegar into the garbage coz it taste bitter. I save the fried fish for another Filipino recipe.

My lunch yesterday the fried fish and the fish with vinegar (inun-unan).

I ate guava yesterday afternoon for my snack then cooked bisaya vegetable stew (otan bisaya), paired with rice and fried dried fish. I was very hungry when it's dinner time. I waited for hubby and suddenly I felt weak again. While I was eating I was also catching up my breath. I thought I'm just hungry but I think there's something more. Hubby took my boost drink from the fridge the one with high protein and a few minutes later I felt a little better. Hubby told me not to wait for him if I feel hungry coz he doesn't want me to be sick again. I took a nap after dinner then I sleep a little early.

I woke up at 4:00 am today to call work coz my car is not working. I was hungry at that time but tried to ignore it. I get up after 30 minutes coz my tummy was really hungry. Hubby told me to nibble some pork rinds (chicharon) that my friend gave me or crackers but I want something hot to sip. I decided to cook half of the chicken noodles and added 1 egg for protein. I went back to bed smiling coz my tummy is already full. haha I took advantage of getting up late today coz I'm not going to work. I crave for another Filipino dish again which is bokchoy with fried fish. I was happy to smell the cooked bokchoy coz it smells like the dish in the Philippines. It's the first time that I ate bokchoy with fried fish here in US.

My lunch today. Bokchoy with fried fish and soy sauce.

What about for tomorrow's meals? I don't think I want to eat the left overs again. It seems that I want to eat something new every meal and I want something hot to sip. (magpagatas) haha


Anonymous said...

Girl, kalami ba anang emong ge display mura man sad ko ani ug nangalkay naglaway hehehe. bitaw oi naa gyud uban mangala nga walay bation pero ako pag buntis nako cge lang asuka din bahoan ko sa rice nga niluto na. dili ko ganahan mo adto sa kusina kay baho hehehe

Michelle said...

haha mao na lagi ning mangala ta, maningkamot intawn ug luto sa gustong kaonon basta makakaon lang. wa sad nuon ko anang suka2, digwa2 lang ginagmay pero naa man sad ko reseta para nausea so ok ra. ang rice bitaw bahoan ko kung masud na sa ziploc kay kining tapulan na lagi magluto, ziploc na lang. pero kaon jud kog rice basta pinoy foods akong sud-an. :)

WeblogLearner said...

Wow mich! you made me salivate at the mention of that dried fish and vinegar. It has been years since Ilast tasted it. I love it with chili as well. Yumyumyum to the max!

The bokchoy also looks deli. i dunno what is bokchoy though.. maybe it is a tagalog term and we have a different term for it in iloilo. ^^

WeblogLearner said...

It is me again Mich. This one is actually a little out of the preggy story. You may not publish this one then. It is actually a request for exchanging links. Is it all right with you? My blogs are new actually but I have two.

These are the names and links if you would consent:



Sana okay and then I will be glad to add you to my list too and of course, you know we are commenting buddies and i would like to followup the preggy story in case i may need it in few year. ^^

God Bless, Mich.


Nancy said...

Hi Chelle...

tagged you again!

haha, I already have underwent all these...medyo lisod jud nga ondition pero cge lang kay after a few months wala naman...

Stay safe...

Lynn said...

We have the same viand for lunch, Mich...inun-unan. Hehe. Apir!

You should have seashells soup. Yun daw ang pampagatas. (",)

Mummy SHENG said...

yummy food! how i wish i can cook as good as you!

Cecile n' Matt said...

chelle, sarap naman ng mga pagkain mo, ginugutom na naman ako lao na pag nag vivisit ako sa blog mo, daming pagkain, anyway, it is good that you are eating a lot,'cause you are eating for two now, keep it up, girl!

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Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

kalami sa inunonan

laura said...

hehehe sasarap naman nito wish ko lng if magbuntis me alang mga problema problema uy,kc isang friend ko if preggy xa naghihina xa nasa bed nalang palagi suka ng suka ayaw ko ganun,hope ok u lng rin palagi ingats ingats jan.

Mitch said...

uy pagkalami ba ani sud an gutom hinoon ko ba. Uy dae I already added this site please add mine too if you do0n't mine. Lamat daan. nako gi add.

jenn_US said...

wow i really admire you mich coz u seem to know a lot of recipes. most of it are filipino foods which is great. as for ur question about which foods i like, i usually like meat. im very picky with veggies. but i try to eat some, hehe.

Pinay WAHM said...

Naku hopefully nga wala kang morning sickness. I had mine the first trimester pero yung iba daw nag la last ng entire pregnany. Yung iba they get it on the latter part of the pregnancy so yes, iba iba ng.

Keep on have the excuse to gain a few pounds here and there...hehehe.


Michelle said...

webloglearner: bokchoy is the english term of pechay. added your two blogs here na. don't know where to post a comment in your other blog kaya wala akong comment dun sa isa mong blog. :)

nancy: good that you're finish with the pregnancy stage. i just hope i'll finish with this taste buds probs soon. :)

lynn: ahhh seashells pala. hmm i know how to cook mussels only but i don't know if i'm allowed to eat that. besides, seashells here are very rare. they are available but frozen, not fresh. it's nice to eat fresh seafoods but it's so hard to find it here. grrrr!

sheng: you can do it sheng, just believe in yourself and imagine the foods that you crave. start experimenting from the foods you like then practice, practice and more practice. it might be a waste at first but that's part of experimenting. sooner or later you'll be able to master it. :)

cecille & matt: i'm not really eating a lot yet. just cooking for more than one so i don't need to cook for the next day. hehe

mica: lami tan-awn mica pero pait2 man pagkaon nako oi. nindot unta ihigop sabaw nya pait2 man, gibahug na lang nako sa rice. :)

laura: we just hope that our experience is not so bad. iba iba naman daw ang mafe-feel ng mga buntis. sa akin wala naman masyadong problema. sana lang tuloy tuloy na. :)

mitch: haha lami jud basta atong pagkaon, y makalabaw. :)

Kerslyn said...

wow! congratulations Mich! hay sana ako na rin sunod....hehehe

Michelle said...

thanks! baka ikaw na ang next. :)

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

SARAP NAMAN ng pagkain ng preggy! congratulations michelle. enjoy your pregnancy. take care.