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Monday, September 29, 2008

Can't ask for more

A sweet, supportive and caring husband, a soon to be father who's thinking ahead for his family and my best friend who's always there for me. I wasn't really expecting that God will give me such a very nice person and I am so thankful for that. Hubby always surprises me with little things that I never expect he would do. Like what happened 4 days ago. He arrived from work while I was waiting for him sitting in the dining room ready for dinner. Then he told me that he's going to enroll some classes at the Hospital so he knows how to take care of our little one. He said that his biggest fear is if he breaks our little one's bone because he doesn't have any experience of how to handle a baby. Hubby is an only son and his relatives live from different states. In short, he haven't had any experience yet of carrying a baby or even holding one and thinking about getting some classes in preparation for our little one is really a big thing for me. At least as early as now I know that he's willing to baby sit and take care of the baby so I can have time for myself or maybe a day off. hehe


Virginia said...

Hello there chelle musta .... dropping by here and blog hopping

Ilocana said...

Yeah, I could imagine now John holding a baby and getting nervous, ha,ha,ha.. Down @ Huntsville Hospital, they requires every first pregnancy moms and dads to be to join or attend classes regarding giving birth, issues on baby care and postpartum issues...Yap, been there, done that and I'm glad, he,he,he..

John is gonna be a fine father..^_^

Norm said...

hello michelle,
congrats sa baby, your hubby is so excited, take care always...

WeblogLearner said...

You are very lucky Mitch... Good luck to you both and I know you are too excited. ^^ ENjoy the experience, mummie to be!

Lynn said...

Bait naman ni hubby. Lucky u, Mitch! (",)

Take care mommy-to-be.