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Sunday, September 28, 2008

More cooking experiments

I tried this fried rice that I saw in one of my cookbooks. The picture in the cookbook looks delicious so I tried it and yes it's indeed delicious.

The second photo is the bisaya style of cooking vegetable stew. I used dried fish coz as what I remember in the past, dried fish is good on this recipe. Hubby and I like the soup but the dried fish is not so delicious. Maybe because it's frozen and not fresh unlike in the Philippines where you can buy fresh dried fish there.


Katelove's said...

Been here and saying hello. Have a lovely week and Take Care!

Ilocana said...

Hi Michelle! Hmm, buti ka pa my time mag-blog, me, really lazy lately so blog hop nalang and saying Hi's... Mukhang masarap ang veggie stew mo ah. Nakakagutom!! Anyway, saying hi here and hopefully kita-kits one of these days again. Perhaps a "lutuan-kainan meeting" again?!! Take care..

WeblogLearner said...

love the stew... is that coco milk Mitch?

Kakainggit ka naman, puro Filipino foodage tripping mo, while am one year na na puro Italian kinakain ko kahit andito na ako sa netherlands..haaay

Lynn said...

Wow food! Just what i need, Mitch. I'm in the office and so hungry. Haven't had merienda and it's quite late to have one now. I missed fried rice. Craving for it now after seeing the pic. Haaay...

Re shrimps, yep, the recipe i've got is so easy to prepare. Try it yourself, Mitch. Sarap talaga. Sarap to the shell! Lol.

Cecile n' Matt said...

hello chelle, i am here visiting and dropping ec, yung mga pagkain mo nakakagutom naman, kailan mo ba ako i invite i try o taste, can't wait :-)

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

lamia sa tinola..

Juliana Dewi Kartikawati said...

your post make me seems so delicious!

Michael Wong said...

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Virginia said...

lamo kaau michelle gigutom ko..

mjsterling said...

Hmm kalami ani oi..maayo oroy ka na buntis no kay way pili sa kaon? akong sis nga grabi she's having a hard time gyud....kay gusto siya mo kaon pero esuka ra pud.

niways thank you for sharing the recipe sa longganisa..

Michelle said...

ilocana: yeah, just let me know when do you feel like to have a "lutuan-kainan meeting". :)

webloglearner: yes, i used coconut milk for the veggie stew. wawa ka naman. wala bang pinoy foods dyan? baka meron. ako di pwedeng isang cuisine lang, dapat may variety din para di nakakasawa but that's me. :)

lynn: your comment really made me laugh. you're so funny. :)

cecille n matt: haha try mo na lang gawin para matikman mo. layo mo kasi eh. :)

mica: lami jud labina kung fresh and bulad. :)

juliana dewi: hehe they're really delicious. :)

michael wong: sure let's x-link. :)

virginia: makagutom jud. :)

mjsterling: mamili sad ko ug pagkaon oi, kanang lami. haha bitaw, ang di nako ganahan kanang balik2, gusto ko lain2 pirmi kay dali rako pul-an nya ug mahimo bag-ong luto jud kay di na nako feel mokaon kung gibutang na sa ref. :)

texas_sweetie said...

sos koooooooooo kalamia bas utan bisaya tinonoan oi grrrr.. mayo pa wa ko niari dri da gutom lang noon ko.. giubo nalang ko tinulon laway way makaon utan whoaaa..

Michelle said...

hahaha kaluoy sad. pagluto na lang ug imo ugma aron makahigop sa tinonoan nga otan. :)

Mark said...

Nice food i like it..

Ken said...

Is your vegetable stewed in coconut milk? Brings back memories of childhood.