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Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm desperate and disappointed...

I am very desperate to know how to cook Filipino foods that I crave. I called my Aunt in the Philippines, chat my mom and step-father, offline message a friend in YM and sent a message to a neighbor (thru friendster) for recipes that I crave. I don't know if people in the Philippines understand how desperate I am to learn how to cook those foods that I crave. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for my mom's recipe and finally I got the recipe after more than a month when she recieved something from the package that I sent to my sister. I tried making 3 of my Aunt's recipes and only one is right, the very simple one. Two recipes were not good which made me think if she didn't tell me her secret ingredient to make it perfect. Then our neighbor and a friend didn't reply to my message. I even told my friend to pay her so she will give me the right recipes but she didn't answer me anymore. Yesterday I was very disappointed for getting the recipes with missing ingredients and for not having an answer right away when I asked about it. And because I'm desperate that nobody's going to give me the correct recipe, I search the internet for a Philippine cookbook and I found one that had good reviews. I decided to tell my friend not to bother about the recipes and I decided to just experiment on the ingredients until I get the perfect taste that I want. It's so sad to know that the people I asked about the foods I crave think that I'm insane for asking them about it. I think only my friends here in US are the ones who understand that pregnant woman really craves something and thinks about food ALL THE TIME. I even dream of the food that I want if I can't eat it right away. I know it's crazy but it hurts me coz I thought they understand what I've been through now that I'm pregnant but they didn't. I just wish them luck.


amiable amy said...

Oh i'm sad to know what you're feeling right now...but, u did the right thing...just research on the net and for the ingredients, just look in the filipino store and if its not available try the hispanic area. Cheer up girl! God bless you and your baby.

Cecile n' Matt said...

hello dear, salamat sa ec drop and visiting :-) ingat and have a nice weekends...

Lynn said...

I definitely can relate to what u're going through right now, Mitch. I remember the time when i was pregnant, i craved for watermelon. I asked my bro to buy me one and was so excited when he arrived home only to realize that he haven't seen one. I really cried that time. :-(

My hubby was on duty that time and he even scolded me for not calling him instead. I had it the next day though. (",)

What recipe do u want, Mitch and i'll give u one. Kala mo naman marunong me magluto. Hehe. Nah, seriously, baka may alam me na mahingan ng recipe. Just let me know.

CHeer up now! Masama sa buntis ang nakasimangot. Hehe.

Elda Carlson said...

Hello Michelle Thanks for visiting my blog at About the recipe of lechon kawali, no problem just email me at or YM me at rcen98. okay this is very simple recipe dhay.

WeblogLearner said...

Naku! Mahirap pala mabuntis Mich. Now am afraid of getting preggy coz of this story. But for me, in terms of cooking, I dont have problem.. I like anything i cook and revise everything to suit my taste. ^^

Am glad you discovered the taste you like at last! Ingat sa pagbubuntis!

Michelle said...

amiable amy: thanks girl. :)

lynn: oh my, i don't wanna cry if i can't eat what i want but you know sometimes you feel bad if you can't get what you crave. i even tried to control myself to ignore the craving coz i heard from other people that the craving is what the baby wants and we can descipline the baby by not eating what we crave. i'm not sure if that's true though but i worry about not gaining weight yet. it's not that i don't like the smell of the foods which other pregnant women experienced but mine is more on the taste. it's hard to swallow the tasteless food or maybe my taste buds changed because of my hormone. it's okay lynn, got some recipes now after i posted this. :)

elda carlson: thanks a lot! will keep in touch with you soon for the lechon kawali recipe. hehe

webloglearner: you shouldn't be afraid of getting pregnant. every woman is different. i have a friend here who doesn't crave at all when she got pregnant but i have another friend here who told me that she really cried if her husband won't bring her to the chinese buffet when she was pregnant and that's every friday. my college friend in pinas didn't crave at all but she doesn't want to eat anything even if she's pregnant. she said that 2-3 tablespoon of food is enough for her and that's it. i saw her when she's 8 - 9 months pregnant and she's still skinny and looks the same except with a bigger tummy. her baby was okay though. :)

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle!

I'm here reading your posts. I can understand the feeling of craving Filipino foods because that's what we used to eat. I only learned to cook when I was here in the US. You can visit my site In My Kitchen for some recipes. You may find some there that interests you. TC.
In My Kitchen

Michelle said...

Thanks Lis! Yeah, I'm now visiting websites and blogs that shares recipes including your blog. Will visit there again. :)